27 Comments on “Jason Belmonte Wants Advice From Kyle?!?”

  1. Ik the feeling when bowling alot of games. It’s a grind and tape does help ease the pain. Proud of you guys and keep working on bowling good. Why does Belmo needs advice, he’s the best ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

    1. Thinking about it, that actually describes a significant about of the folks I’m subscribed to. The dumb humor is part of the charm.

  2. Belmonte trying to create small talk like he doesn’t know the animal patterns are tier 2 lmao that’s awesome! Great video good luck to both of yall!

  3. Norm sent me a cameo on my birthday last year and I canโ€™t tell you man.. greatest guy on tour and just overall.. class act at every level .. Iโ€™ve been screaming duuuuuukeeee since I was 6 years old lol Iโ€™m gonna be 29 this year!! Norm Duke is timeless! Love you guys!

    1. I’ve been following the PBA here in the UK since the days we had friends in the US send us VHS tapes from ESPN. Norm Duke has long been my favourite, he’s mister versatility.

  4. Kyle: goes through the face or brooklyn multiple times for a strike
    Also Kyle: “I don’t get any off hits like the other guys”

  5. Great bowling Kyle. Good Bull and Brad pins will fall better for you next time hopefully bud. I got to say Brad it’s very nice to see you still in a good mood with your spirits high after not making the cuts for these tournaments. I’m telling you this new mental Outlook is going to pay off in the long run.

  6. ‘Hey Buddy’ to Belmo is hilarious, he walked up on you like michael myers does his victims, hahahahahaha

  7. I have to say that watching your videos really picks me up at the end of the day. Nice to see Jason next to Brad trying to pick his brain about the oil patterns! Good luck with the tournament guys! Waiting for the next video! Cheers for now…

  8. Brad I want to help you do better in tournament play. I’ve been watching you and Kyle bowl for a bit now. I can tell you are not performing up to your own expectations and that can be a great motivator for improvement up until frustration takes over. I believe There are a couple things that you could focus on and improve that would take you to the next level. I’m not a pro bowler but I love bowling and watching good bowlers like you and Kyle. I did work in a bowling alley for many years, so I have some back ground in the sport. To give you an idea of how old I am, I used a sur-d-pro in junior league bowling. I’m not going to assume you are interested in my observations, so I’ll let you request it if that is your choice. I will suggest that you ask Kyle what changes if any he would suggest to improve your scoring.
    A true friend wouldn’t welcome the opportunity to help a friend, even if it meant more competition for himself. Right Kyle. You are a team. A little more serious positive support of each other and a little less “glad it’s over” mentality. Just my opinion in an effort to repay you for the enjoyment you bring me with your bowling videos. A mind like a parachute only works when it is open. Don’t tell Belmo, but I want one of you guys to be him on tv. You can make it happen or we can make it happen. It’s your call. Thanks again for sharing your pro bowling experience with me.

  9. Iโ€™ve been bowling for six years now. Started much later in life but your guys continent and all the attitude and the best Bowlers in the world. You guys are good for the sport. Keep up the good work hope to see you on TV

  10. Thanks for the photo and signature Brad! I couldnโ€™t find Kyle but it was great to watch you guys! Wish you guys the best of luck!

  11. When belmo comes up to you for some vlog time. You know youโ€™re doing something special. Greatly appreciate you all and the effort youโ€™re putting in to give us a feel for what itโ€™s like on tour. Peace and love!

  12. Iโ€™m not a graphic designer but I work in sports medicine and based on the amount of tape I see you guys use I feel like I need to work as an independent athletic trainer and just follow the PBA tour. Iโ€™ll set up a treatment area and provide services right there at the bowling alley if need be.

  13. I can help with the graphic designs, and the manufacturing. Nice bowling Kyle, and great to see BJ throwing it well. You guys are lucky having Norm in the house, he is an absolute legend.

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