20 Comments on “Jason Belmonte’s New Bowling Ball is Here! | Storm Fate”

  1. I got to throw this ball early and it is one of my favorite balls I have ever thrown, I love it ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Great video as always. Still waiting to see you guys back in eastern VA. Get healed up Kyle we want to see you back out there.

  3. Would love to have seen the same shot with out of box vs. surface change, so we could see the difference it makes. Looked like after surface you were 5-6 boards left at the arrows.

  4. I really like the corrections you make and very fast. I really love this ball now! I’m curious how do you compare versus a phase 2?

  5. I wonder if I’m the only one that doesn’t consider belmo balls because I don’t want a picture of a 2 hander (belmo) on it lol. If I got one for free or something I would use it.

    There are so many balls out, there is always an alternative without him on the ball so…

  6. Thanks for the semi-review because I really love my Pro-Motion but have been wanting a new ball and this has caught my eye.

  7. i’m so new to the game none of what you said made ANY sense at all (haha), but i love watching you guys, because some day it’s all gonna click and i’ll go “OHHHHHHHH!” — so thanks for what you do.

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