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10 Comments on “KTC Bowling Tip – Inside the ball vs Outside the ball – Randy Stoughton”

  1. At the end, when you said the thumb comes out at 12 o’clock (the thumb was pointed out to the right and turn your fingers, the thumb was then pointed straight ahead. I thought that was 12 o’clock.

    1. Before he rotated the fingers was 12 o’clock he was just demonstrating the thumb clearing first then the rotation of your hand around the ball. You always start with the thumb clearing at 12 o’clock which is straight forward then the second very quick motion is how much your gonna change the axis rotation/ how much your hand goes around the ball.

    2. 12 o’clock is a general location. If your hand is behind the ball vs. on the right side of the ball is the real idea I am trying to deliver. With your hand behind the ball and the fingers below the equator of the ball is the ideal hand position to unload the wrist/hand from. When the thumb clears the ball, the hand should rotate with the thumb going through the ring finger in a counter clockwise direction.

    3. @Randy Stoughton Thanks! By the thumb going through the ring finger, is that what Del Warren was referring to in his “Modern Release” video?

  2. I lead with my shoulder and have this exact problem. I’ve been trying to solve it for nearly a year now. I cannot for the life of me fix it and have yet to get the right ‘feel’ when it’s done correctly. You say in the video “if the shoulder drops underneath ‘because there’s space’…”. What does that mean?

    1. Space is created under the ball arm shoulder by tilting the torso towards the ball arm side. Right handed bowlers will bend forward from the waist about 30-40 degrees and they must tilt their back angle to the right about the same amount of angle as the bend angle. This tilt angle produces space under the head and ball arm shoulder for the ball arm to swing with a pendulum motion unrestricted by the right leg or hip. When the ball arm moves downward into the release zone, the right foot pushes off producing lower body power that transfers energy to the body core. When the core does this, the right arm shoulder should drop towards the floor a couple of inches which will cause the left shoulder to rise the same amount of distance without causing the head to move. The high /low movement of the shoulders causes the right arm to accelerate thru the hit zone increasing the amount of speed energy applied by the bowler. This move also keeps the ball arm on the LOP ( line of play) which should also be on the pendulum path that was established in set up and getting the ball to the top of the swing. A win win scenario. 👍🎳💪

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