23 Comments on “KYLE AND MATT SPARE THE 7-10 SPLIT?!? | Colorado Springs Open”

  1. I love how y’all are out there having fun😀 with the kids. As for right hand or lefty, no idea 🤔

    1. I’m a lefty. The more I watch us, the less I like us. One look: extreme down and in with sharp skid and turn. Right handers can play the whole lane and arc it too. We have a lot of work to do.

  2. I have been watching you guys for a Couple of years now. My favorite part was watching you and the other pros with the kids. The kids had to be so thrilled to have you guys there. Love the 7 10 conversion.
    Made me laugh.

  3. He is a true two handed bowler because throws like a lefty but with the right hand 🤷‍♂️

  4. My kids had a blast last night bowling in the pro am with you guys last night. Thank you so much for posting this for lasting memories

  5. I been bowling for close to ,over 40 years. I have seen some great bowlers in my time, since the advent of YouTube, have seen a few good bowlers, and there is a lot that catch my interest ,but you 2 are very good ,and will continue too watch your antics and fondness of the sport, and actually work great with the future bowlers.

  6. Hey sorry that Lubbock didn’t work out but it was still amazing to watch guys bowl and it was an honor to be able to film for you guys. Thank you again for the bowling ball.

  7. I enjoyed y’all coming to Lubbock this past weekend! Been bowling for about a year and getting better because of you guys that vlog a lot! Started at a 120 now up to a 195 average! Hoping one day I can bowl against you guys! Good luck the rest of the season!!

  8. Loved watching you guys bowl with the kids in this video it seemed really fun. Do you know if there will ever be a pro AM in Rhode island

  9. Regarding the state of the sport overall, and considering the youth appeal, this might be the best and most important upload the channel has ever done. More content like this would be welcome. Excellent work here.

  10. Teece always seems like a fun guy when he’s in the vids. Hopefully at some point we can see him more

  11. Always great to watch you guys bowl… Great energy, fun, and yes, some incredible skills! Roar!

  12. Masters Kyle and Matthew: good attempt at the 7-10 trick! I understand it’s about as difficult as eating an ice cream cone in blast furnace, but aren’t BOTH balls are supposed to stay ON the lane? 🤣 Keep working at it! 👍 If necessary, watch Andy vids for the inspiration to generate the perspiration. 😉 Keep the vids coming!

  13. Absolutely love the way you guys interact with the kids; such a fun, positive experience for all involved! Awesome job!

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