21 Comments on “Kyle bowls a 300 at PBA DOUBLES?! | 2022 WSOB”

  1. Awesome bowling, guys, congrats on 300, Shermanator & best of luck tomorrow! #LFGOOOOOO #dontbethehydrant

  2. Would love to see you guys in the stepladder final. Go crush ‘em today! Congrats on the 300 game Kyle 😃

  3. Great Job guys! Watched you on Flo. Brad you’re doing better on keeping your trail foot lower.

  4. It was awesome to watch you two bowl. You beat Kyle and Jesper by 190. Brad was close with the prediction. Keep up the great work.

  5. I laugh whenever I see a sweep come down as fast as it does on lane 46 (see 20:00 and beyond for examples). Just comical. Great bowling, and looking forward to seeing you both on the show!

  6. Let’s go! You guys made the show in 2019 together so, let’s see if you boys are going to make the cut this season. Good luck to you boys and let’s get my man’s Brad his first pba tour title.

  7. This is one of your very best videos. Lots of action. Excellent camera work, great bowling by both of you, and I can feel those positive vibes. This is the week! Go win the title boys!!

  8. Brad you make that Nova look so good. You gotta get like 50 more of them to store up for when they are discontinued lol.

  9. Congrats on the 300, Kyle! Thought for a minute that you had a second one.
    You guys crushed it today! Best of luck tomorrow, and roll on 🎳

  10. Lmao! Gotta love Norms cameo… And to see him standing at the line willing the ball to hook and adding as much English with his body as possible… Epic.

  11. Man, Brad…Loving the action you had on your ball today! That’s perfection…Poetry in motion…Beautiful!

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