25 Comments on “KYLE BOWLS ANOTHER 300 GAME?!? | 2022 WSOB Cheetah”

  1. Kyle, way to go. You grind it out on a tough pattern. Well done. Brad ik it was rough but you got this. Love the videos and keeping up on competition.

  2. Dang, you guys are staying with Norm Duke?! That’s so cool! Great vlog content! Couldn’t help but giggle at Kyle at about the 4:16 mark, heeheehee (don’t worry, Brad has his cute moments too, lol). You guys are silly but the fans love you for it. Keep bringing the Brad and Kyle shenanigans, lol

  3. Gotta love Norm in his 50’s hanging with the young guns in the hoodie like he’s still also 25. Inspirational.

    That was fun watching Kris trucker wheel that nova from 35-3.

    1. Love that norm is the only one throwing it down the 1 board (lol).. Kris was getting some nice wheels, nova is very strong. As a two hander I was throwing my nova from 35 across 25 and still missing left. The ball hooks a lot. Almost gives proton physix or ufo alert a run. Im scared to try Gem lol

    2. @Ryan I love my nova. I am old school player like norm and I love how versatile the Nova is – I can start with it to smooth the jump off the oil, then move to symmetrical then back to nova to run through the cliff without straying far.

  4. Thanks to both Kyle and Brad for taking a minute to speak to me both before their second shifts; and after. Taking a couple of minutes to snap a picture with this old dude will be a cherished moment for me. Even while tired from the grind these two display class and generosity by being polite and considerate – NO wonder why they are a You Tube sensation_ Good Luck this week in Wisconsin !

  5. Way to go Kyle, Brad your turn is coming. Your vlog has been great for this 64 year old bowler

  6. Norm’s still showing you kids how it’s done! 🤣 You guys are COURAGEOUS; LOTS of SPRAY and PRAY out there on ye ole Cheetah! 🤣 LOVE the vids, ESPECIALLY the SILLY ones! Keep ’em comin’!

  7. Question for Brad; It seems like his backswing is getting too high, specially in the shot at 15;20…its getting so high that he is losing momentum and the ball will never ever recover…I think he would get more controll of the ball if the swing was a bit lower and he didnt have to force it too much…just a tip/observation from a retired bowler. Hope it helps, and keep on the good work!

  8. Not gonna lie i love watching yall bowl. We never get to see the “behind the scenes” if you will of pro bowling. Dont ever stop guys!

  9. Brad couldn’t get a 6 pack on the score sheet, but we all saw the one under his shirt. 💪🏻

  10. Wow, when I first started bowling a million years ago, some old guy taught me “trust is a must, or your game is a bust”. That last game by Kyle, the 300 by Beast Malott, and that 279 from Kris Prather, they were all way left and they literally put the ball on the first board. Kyle carry 4 light hits in a row and on every single one of those shots I thought he had a decent chance of putting the ball in the right gutter. That’s trusting your ball and your game.

  11. lol love seeing a Norm sighting. I crossed with him decades ago was a super nice guy. He helped out the other guys on the pair. Watching the Vlogs over the few years now I can see how much you both worked on your game. Your swings have been super smooth and most of the time precise. Keep em rolling boys!!!!!!!!

  12. This type of footage — the qualifying rounds, behind the scenes stuff, how the balls are selected/mapped/utilized, and just a more human side of the PBA Tour player — is exactly more of what the PBA needs. The grind is a massive part of what the tour is about. Knowing how they got to the show and what it took to get there can cast a wider net on a potentially bigger fanbase, in my opinion.

  13. great stuff! love following with the live scoring on the laptop and then catching the vlog the following day! Keep grinding

  14. Just love watching Kyle and Brad coming into their stride for the year. Watching them bowl great along with their tips has helped make me a better bowler and I’m still throwing house balls lol. Went from shooting 80s before to consistently breaking 110s and it’ll only get better thanks to them. Keep up the hustle Brad and Kyle!

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