20 Comments on “Kyle Bowls His BEST Block Of The Year”

  1. I’ll be praying for you guys today. Brad, you’re in a good spot right now, and hope to see you move up in the standings and make the top 24.

  2. Love seeing the big nasty Gem in action, everyone hated it last year when it came out, but when the y figured it out, it became invaluable piece on top of every pro staffer in Storm.
    Good luck today!

  3. Got to cross with Steve Jarros over 20yrs ago at the world championship in toledo, don’t think he missed what he was looking at for 24 games straight, absolute robot, amazing to warch!

  4. Got a little worried when they had Kyle bowling a 21 and in next to last place after the 7th game! Exotic gem is a beast on the back end. Carries every light hit but can easily go through the nose. Wrote this comment before Brad had the big four. That’s exactly what happens if you get just a little slow with the Exotic.

  5. Love you Brad and Kyle you make my day with video blogs keep been you your titles will come πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

  6. I like the ball notes in the edit. Can’t help but be curious what equipment you are throwing on each change. Great to see you guys putting up some scores. Keep it up!

  7. Love KP coming in at the end with some facts lol Good bowling guys…glad to see Kyle gaining some confidence. Keep up the good work!🎳❀️🎳

  8. Hey brad, good to see steve jaros out on the lanes. I bowled my first pba50 event in 2019 in jackson mi and crossed with Steve. You are right about his accuracy. He even converted a 7 10 split.

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