21 Comments on “Kyle Bowls On National Television For A PBA MAJOR”

  1. Great job, Kyle. It was great watching you make your way through the bracket to the TV show.

  2. Great Showing at the Masters. Congratulations. Brad, time to step up your game haha. Looking forward to seeing both of you succeed. Go Brad & Kyle

  3. Hey Kyle, great job on the telecast!! You bowled fantastic!!! Keep up the good work guys..you rock!!😁👍🎳

  4. Hell of a run even after getting over an injury. Glad you recovered and hope the success continues.

  5. First tournament I ever watched the whole week of because you were bowling. Nice seeing all your hard work pay off for you. Love the channel and all the tips and drill. Appreciate ya both

  6. Great job, Kyle! Sorry, the day did not pan out like you wanted! Thanks for the commentary, Brad! Thanks to Dennis for the wonderful filming! GMC, please get them home safely!

  7. Congrats Kyle. You were great. I was rooting hard for you, so much so that I almost woke the baby screaming at the TV HAHA! I stumbled across this channel a few months ago now and you and Brad have completely reinvigorated my love for bowling. I’ve been out of the game for 15+ years and because of you two I’ve been going every week and am signed up for a summer league. So Thank You!

    1. I quit bowling in high school and didn’t bowl for 15 years, but stumbled upon Brad and Kyle’s YouTube channel and got back into bowling after suffering with depression for over a year. These guys are an inspiration.

  8. I was cheering for you Kyle!! This was an awesome show. The match between you Via was awesome! I can’t wait for you or Brad to win a Major. I believe in you two. Good luck with everything bowling related and YouTube channel.

  9. Congratulations Kyle! Love your content and how you are an ambassador to the sport! Thanks Brad and Kyle

  10. Excellent performance, Kyle! We all love it when any of you young guys in The House make the show!👍 Keep it rolling! 🎳

  11. 🎉Congratulations on an AMAZING performance and well deserved run! You guys are class through & through!

  12. Such AWESOME bowling Kyle .. and that is no over statement. You were absolutely REMARKABLE!!! .. I was on the edge of my seat through the whole thing. You were sooooo close to winning the major .. so very close!! .. you are getting there man! .. you are getting there! .. I can’t even say enough about what I saw, absolutely remarkable matches and awesome bowling!!!
    You have to be extremely proud of yourself .. such a great accomplishment !!!

  13. what an awesome week Kyle. More titles to come this year. Brad, keep the chin up, I am positive that you will be on a tv show before the end of the season. Good luck guys!!!!

  14. I love the behind-the-scenes footage, really gives me an understanding what you guys go through and how close you all are at the end of the day.

  15. Kyle, I just started bowling a couple of months ago at the ago of 50. I watch a lot of the Brad and Kyle channel. A lot! You two seem about as genuine of friends as I’ve ever seen on any YouTube based regular “program” and it makes us viewers feel a part of that. I am extremely happy for you making the Sunday round on the TvTube! It truly felt like watching a friend doing something special! If I could spare the bread, I’d join the membership training program y’all have because of the genuineness of y’all and the commitment back to the community. Congratulations to both you and Brad both, and thank you for taking us along, friend!

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