23 Comments on “Kyle Bowls The WORST Game Of His Pro Career!”

  1. That pep talk at the end of the vlog is the definition of why I’ve always dreamed of being a pro. Listening to you guys laugh off the bad, and look forward to the next tournament is so inspiring. I remember feeling the same way that Kyle did at a recent tournament. Kyle shot below a 130 that day? I averaged below 130 that tournament. They were toooooough, and I didn’t realized what I should have done until after I left. I was so angry that I almost stopped going to tournaments entirely. And then I calmed down, and have averaged 670 in league ever since. Thank you guys for doing what you do out there, inspiring me and many others like me.

  2. I see this vlog post like this was a learning experience for yโ€™all. Idc how well I do but itโ€™ll still be an honor to bowl on the same pairs as yโ€™all in a tournament. Keep going on this upward trend and get yourselves ready for the TOC!

  3. What I like about your channel and the others also (the house) is you tell it like it is, frustrations and all and for me a lifetime Amateur (62 years worth) I can relate to your issues-frustrations instead of seeing 300s or the like all the time. I enjoy all of you so just don’t change. In all my years I’ve been lucky at times and have been fortunate and at now at 80 i’m still bowling not like I used to but still enjoying and also enjoying your videos along with the House. Like i said don’t ever change this is what to me is so enjoyable…..Peace out

  4. In professional poker, most pro’s fold probably 95+% of the hands they are dealt, and we typically only see the big pots they get involved in on TV. It’s tough to showcase your careers when you know that most of the time, you’re going to miss a stepladder, or even a cash cut, but doing it shows just how difficult it is to win on tour. Without the vlogs, we would only see your successes. I appreciate seeing it from behind the curtain, because it’s real and gritty. Keep at it guys.

  5. Richie is funny. “I did that too, its really annoying”. That made me crack up for some reason the way he said it.

  6. Thank you for sharing all aspects of the experience – We’ve all had days like that – Sharing what you know and living it – Just Awesome

  7. This was excellent gentlemen! You both are truly inspiring – donโ€™t give up, donโ€™t EVER give up!

  8. Cheers to NO splits next week. Good Luck to both of you. Ask yourself – How did I manage to not have any splits this week?

  9. Great video. Thanks for the honesty. Feel for you guys. You captured what it is like on tour really well. Keep at it, go get ’em, guys!!

  10. You guys are doing well grinding it out and being honest with how hard it is to make it as a professional bowler. Brad, your time to win a PBA tour title is soon. Praying for you guys.

  11. Thank you guys! Best of luck in the next one-you deserve it for all the work you two put in to stimulate the interest in professional bowling.

  12. I think itโ€™s commendable that you guys post all the ups and downs. Iโ€™ve only been back to Bowling for two years and Iโ€™m just trying to get better and better every chance I get. Shot my first 300 last weekend, and thanks to you guys for putting out the content that you do has help me improve my game, both mentally and physically. Keep up the great work!! #keepgrinding

  13. After watching this video, I don’t feel so bad about my terrible performance last night at league. Thanks guys for giving a better bowling perspective…may the strikes be with you!!!๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿค™

  14. Thanks for having this channel and amazing content!! Truly awesome to watch you guys through the ups n downs!!

  15. Appreciate you both taking us through the good times and not so good. Still Cheering you both on from Oahu, HI and hope you guys can come out for our Regionals the Summer. Aloha!

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