24 Comments on “Kyle Converts The Impossible 7-10 Split!”

  1. Wish I could be there in person to watch you guys bowl (and watch Brad win his first PBA tour title, lol). Is it me, or are your vlogs getting better?

    1. No I can honestly say they are very good. I wouldn’t say Better just a little different and shorter which is why some might think better because they are board. But I’ve always enjoyed the posts. Good luck to both of you guys. May the best man win the initial game and then run the table!

  2. Good luck to you both @ the show. First of many this season. Live so far out can’t find a way to watch other than later on YouTube πŸ˜‚

  3. Thanks for the vlogs. You guys are great. Love watching your vids. Thanks for the behind the scenes peek. Can’t wait to watch you both tomorrow! Enjoy and Have FUN!

  4. Love seeing you guys and Darren both hanging out with Rambo. Two of my favorite things collaborating and helping each other get more exposure.

  5. Shoot away from the ball return on the 7-10. The pit depth is always lesser AWAY from the ball return, leaving a greater chance for a pin to pop back up after hitting the pit or backstop!

  6. Funny to hear Brad say the Rubicon is a “slow” ball. I absolutely love that ball, and shot 722 with it last night during league. My second 700 in less than 12 months, and fifth in my life. Started bowling leagues in the 1998-99 season. Great to see y’all back!

  7. I picked up the 7-10 a couple of weeks ago , the exact same way , it only took me 48 years to do it ! Lets go Mo boys !!!

  8. The behind the scenes look at all the equipment that the pba brings in to a bowling center is insane dude ..I heard the TV lights thing but holy crap man they bring a boat load of stuff man .. glad you both made it gl both of you sucks u both can’t win

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