27 Comments on “Kyle Finds The Magic Bowling Ball | PBA Tournament of Champions”

  1. I love the Altered Reality. Got it six weeks ago and it totally changed my game. I was averaging in the 170’s when I got the ball. Have shot nothing under 190 since I got it including a 662 and a 631 the last two weeks.

  2. I had a torn labrum as well and I know it can get uncomfortable at times… mine would cause my shoulder to momentarily pop out and back in the middle of my football games so I can definitely understand

  3. Love watching you guys compete ! Just won my first tournament throwing the phaze 2 all day..funny cause I ordered a new one the day before the tournament lol best of luck Kyle

  4. Out of all the the balls Kyle threw down the lane today, to me, he looked super comfortable with the Reality. He wasn’t forcing it and just letting it roll. The pocket 7-10 shouldn’t have been that bad of a shot, but that’s bowling for you lol. Keep that momentum moving forward!

  5. Hell yeah brother! I was watching you on flobowling last night. When you changed to the altered reality it took your ball reaction and your game to the next level. The ball reaction you had was amazing with that ball. Keep it up Kyle good luck tonight.

  6. Great bowling Sherman!!!!!! Funny thing I was on the fence for the Altered and boom you wack them with it……thanks 🤦🏾. Rest up and give em hell the rest of the way! #LFG #RespectTheGrind

  7. 6 Different bowling balls in 3 games…wow! Amazing you still averaged over 200! I have a hard enough time making 1 ball change, let alone 6. Once you went Altered Reality though, you stuck with it! If you’re hanging with Belmo on the leaderboard, that is usually a good sign! Good luck Kyle!

    1. Unless Belmo struggles, which he doesn’t most of the time, but there are the days where not even Belmo can figure the lanes

  8. I just ordered myself my first phaze 2. I know I am late to the party. Can’t wait for it. Great bowling kyle!

  9. The Altered Reality is one of the best balls I’ve ever drilled. I’ve had it for a few months and already shot a few 300’s and an 826 with it in two different leagues

    1. I might have to grab an Altered Reality, I’m drilling a new ball from Radical so it might have to wait though

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