24 Comments on “Kyle Going For an EPIC 300 Game”

  1. We were all rooting for you guys on the Inside Bowling live stream. It was great to see how y’all clawed your way up out of the cellar to almost get the win. Oh, and he’s Brad Pate now. It’s official. Anyone that bowls with Kyle is now a Brad.

  2. Congrats on the big move to the 2 spot, gents!

    IQ Tour is always my β€œget out of jail free card” when things are getting too crazy with my stronger balls

  3. Congratulations Kyle and Nick for bowling tremendous and finished 2nd. Love Parker Bohn and funny story. I accidentally took his bag cause I thought it was mine, so I brought it back and I apologized, he got up to my face and I thought he was going to punch me, he smiled and laughed so hard. We both hugged it out and discussed bowling. Love him

  4. Good run guys! Just love Kyles swing. Very smooth and seams to me that lofting it like you did was your sweet spot in that tournament. May think about that for next year and other tournaments. I got to chat with Kyle at woodland in Indy about your finger injury and was wondering how the finger is holding up. Keep up the videos!

  5. I watch on INSIDE BOWLING and it nice to hear your insight on what you guys were thinking and your game plan.

  6. Congrats boys!! β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘πŸ½ Very well played!! Props for digging deep to finish strong!! And BIG HELLS YEAH to the Sherminator for X-ing out a 300 game!! πŸ’ͺ🏽 #WinnersInMyBook

  7. Watching Kyle bowl on the fry is amazing. Makes me glad I’m left handed because I could never do it that good!

  8. It was a great run, was watching the stream and rooting for Kyle and brad pate or was it nick miller, haha, Matt Ogle was like a machine though. The fans at the center were lucky to be there, the lead changes, the legends of bowling as well as some you’ve never heard of. I especially liked watching Deno, he had that “goofy” foot bowling down, I’d probably break an ankle trying to throw off the wrong foot. Really hoped for the win, came down to the last frame but Ogle was clutch, good to see Kyle in top form again and Nick Pate being clutch when he needed to be. Hope to see some of the house members at the regional in Hawaii in April.

  9. Watched the whole Tournament when I saw you guys were there. Too many hours (of company time). Been looking forward to the blog all week. Great stuff congrats! Hey! Nick is super likable and a huge part of the house…the steam tourney commentary kept calling him Brad Pate as a joke. He deserves his due.

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