23 Comments on “Kyle Looks To Defend His Cheetah Championship!”

  1. Oh the good old days when we could only have a max of 10 balls in the paddock total๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. Watched you guys yesterday least the first block, wondering why no iq solids? Thanks for coming out to tailgate Brad. Goodluck the rest of the week guys

  3. Are you guys making a video with the winner of the โ€œDay with the prosโ€ raffle? That would be a good video to watch. Or go live with training tips and such.

  4. Brad, chin up! Appreciate your honesty but keep working through it. You will figure it out! I am thankful for you and Kyle and have learned a lot from both of you. I root for both of you like you’re both my kids. Keep at it!

    1. I’ve seen Daria Pajak repping the NOVA, and then proceeded to remind me I’ll never have as much hand as her while ripping the cover off.

  5. Shake it off guys! Every day, every block, and every game is another chance to do better!

    (I get it, he’s Belmo, but) If Belmo can work his way through the TOC from where he was, you all can work your way into these shows! Lots of bowling remaining!

    Go get it!

  6. Always appreciate your honesty, Brad. I have faith in you, and so do a lot of your fans. I heard a few words of wisdom a while back from a great coach who said โ€œwhen you feel like youโ€™re in a slump, not getting any better, etc., just relax and enjoy the game for a while.โ€ Youโ€™ll win a PBA title before you know it.

  7. Cool seeing Shota Kawazoe there. Dude seems like he could win a TON if he were to go full time PBA, just as I’m sure he wins a lot on JPBA.

  8. Do you guys know what pattern was used for the Pro-Am on Saturday? I seen you guys but didn’t what to bug ya! Good luck this week!

  9. Great video. Now brad I have a question for you. So that ball that you are using the Exotic gem. Do you like how the ball shapes down the lane?

  10. It’s still weird to me to see how every persons approach and release is slightly different. I’m always trying to figure out who I want my release to look like.

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