21 Comments on “Kyle Makes A Run At The Shark Championship!”

  1. Watching Brad with the short arm just trying to rip on it makes my arm hurt. Keep up the battle Tosa is a unforgiving house.

  2. Brad I love your attitude about everything especially when you get faced with adversity. As a coach I wish I could bottle it and sell it ๐Ÿ™‚. Keep it in Grind Mode

  3. Have you guys ever considered a discord channel? I think it would be a great way to include many more people to your community. While Facebook is amazing, in itself, I feel that the younger generations will appreciate the discord more simply because they are more familiar with it. Just an idea! Keep up the phenomenal work you two

  4. When I bowled in Nationals for the first time last year, I was frustrated by the end of the first game of the team event, so I ended up getting a ginger ale, but what I didn’t know was that one of my teammates put in a little bit of Jameson (whiskey), and games 2 and 3 I felt a little more relaxed, so the next day I had the same thing while bowling doubles and singles, and my scores gradually increased, so I guess you could say it was a blessing in disguise, even though I rarely drink anything with alcohol.

  5. Love ur guys video. Kyle is on a tear and hopefully he makes the show. Brad ik ur struggling like I have been until last night and helped my team get to 1st place. Keep working hard and it will come. Let’s go Brad and Kyle

  6. Brad,that is how I hold the ball. Saw Mark Roth do that in the ’70’s and been doing it ever since.I feel so comfortable that way.

  7. On some of these patterns it’s just easier to bowl 2 handed.I think you should try it experiment.You are both athletic enough and who says you can’t bowl both ways.What an advantage.You both know how to read patterns it just gives you another tool if you could pull it off.It might boost your you tube channel and create more interest if either of you could do both or even if you did a video where you tried in practice.I would watch that for sure.I love you guys and really enjoy the channel.Im always pulling for you both.

  8. Brad I like that Dark Code, When I use it I apply, ‘True Cut hand applied polish’ to it and it makes a really nice change to how the ball reacts down lane. Just a thought for you.

  9. So is the Shark pattern is pretty heavy on the oil? I’m seeing a ton of rev on these balls they’re throwing and its hooking like 3 boards. Huge respect, I couldn’t be accurate enough to throw on this pattern. Good show guys

  10. Can you guys give us a slow-mo up-close video of your release for strike and spare shots? Back and side angles with some commentary that breaks down what youโ€™re doing with your hand and arm. Please?

  11. Kyle is one of my favorite bowlers. He has โ€œSmooth โ€œ release and so consistent at the line! Go Kyle

  12. In the PBA is it easier in a way that you can basically follow each others lines or general lines? Iโ€™m a league bowler and we have guys throwing from every board of the lane๐Ÿ˜† jk but you know what I mean and congrats Kyle on the amazing comeback

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