24 Comments on “Kyle shows you how to spare a 10 pin! #shorts #bowling #howto #sport”

  1. Nice spare. Similar targeting to my own 10 pin shot, im a few boards further left. Seems to give a decent amount of miss room if you can flatten your hand.

  2. How about a video showing how to take your hand ‘out of the ball’ during the release to avoid rotation? Perhaps in slow-mo? I don’t currently own a true spare ball, but instead throw my Trend 2. Where I struggle is sometimes trying to be too careful which reduces my ball speed a tad, resulting in late movement at times.

  3. Hey Brad and Kyle (or anyone else willing to help)! I’m currently trying to lower my backswing, but am having trouble doing so (ie, I cant get my body to continuously do so. In other words, I can do it once or twice, and then get sloppy). Just wondering if I could get some tips 🙂

    1. Just watched a vid of you throwing it. Yea your arm is way up there. But pay attention where your balance arm is too. It’s like a T, the lower your balance arm is the higher your backswing. I’d focus on pushing your arm out and parallel with your shoulder with your thumb DOWN to rotate your shoulder properly. Also m, you’re gonna have to feel like you’re stopping it at your leg when you start your backswing. Like seriously it has to feel like that. It won’t be because your arm is at the sky at the top normally, but it has to feel like it. Feel like you’re doing Luis Napoles’ backswing lol. It will work but practice is the name of the game

  4. Need two hander 10 pin spares. Way harder with all those extra revs i over hook a fair amount still

    1. As a 2 finger no thumb bowler have the same issue since I naturally generate hook aswell. Generally I have to aim at the Gutter and just put a small amount of hook so it goes straight into the back of the pin. EDIT: using a house ball since they don’t really hook at all helps me a ton with spares in general

  5. Go with the money shot (thumb is always pointing at your wallet). I always get sleepy after I throw one of those😏

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