21 Comments on “Kyle Tries Not To Finish In Last Place | 2023 PBA Wichita Classic”

  1. Heck yeah Brad is a KC guy too! Also 100% agree with Kyle’s pep talk at the end. I’m still working on improving my game, but I’m having fun with it.

  2. I think Kyle lost a fingertip around the 4:29 mark😂 looks like something flew out of the ball and across the lane!

  3. Kyle making his argument to the camera with the massage gun is 100% me last week with my teenage son who says, “Mom, I can’t begin to take you seriously with you waving that gun in my face!” 🤣

    Glad to see Kyle back. Keep grinding guys!

  4. great advice kyle. good to be positive, i used to get super mad cause i was so bad and never thought i would get better but couple people helped me out and im still not good but im having more fun, i find it by slowing my mind down and clearing it and go back to basics. good bowling for being off for so long. brad im a believer in the jinxing yourself, sparky anderson would jump over the foul line, i quit looking up at the score, so i wouldn’t know how many x i have as soon as i do I OPEN. i tried the approach of saying ok 5 in a row then i dissect my last few balls and talk myself into changing and mess it all up. thats me. good luck guys

  5. Starting bowling league for the first time since middle school in January, and the tips from y’all’s channel are a huge help! Best of luck while you’re in my hometown, fellas!

  6. Kyle that tip at the end was great for me right now. I’ve been averaging 220 all year and the last week and a half or so I’ve been in a slump. I’ve been frustrated too, so tonight in league I need to just stay focused and get back on track.

  7. I think you guys have the best channel b/c your teamed up and we get both of your viewpoints and you guys are super humble and down to earth while maintaining your A game. You guys got the best channel. Those solo channels of other guys don’t have any heart compared to you guys. Can get enough of you guys. Please keep them coming.

  8. Always look forward to your videos. Great to see Kyle back. Side bets always helps to keep people motivated. A year end tournament with weekly updates or even weekly wagers is a great idea. Should be good content. My Wichita joke is, it’s Indian for trailer park 😅
    Before anyone gets offended I grew up in a mobile home.

  9. What Kyle said has really improved my game. The mental game in bowling is so important to continue to bowl good. Keeping your composure and a positive attitude will help tremendously even after throwing a bad shot. I have gotten up to a 216 average so far from being a 180 just 4 years ago.

  10. Great advice at the end of the video, Kyle. My mental game has improved so much over the past year or two. If I start to get frustrated over a missed single pin or a shot that should have been a strike, I just tell myself that is was just one shot, acknowledge it, and move on. One shot at a time.

  11. you guys shares are amazing as a regional player years ago ..cant help see myself in you Brad..learning..testing practice practice adjust etc.,,,…how you guys are able to drill try drill is fantastic…the geography is given so record make decisions and try not to experiment during match play…make your decisions on equip earlier….dont think ..DO…..you guys have the talent….believe me as they say…my best wishes…get it done…

  12. I owe Brad & Kyle an apology. I’m a 70 year old guy but I’m not too proud to say that I can learn something from these young men. Their mature, rational approach to how we ALL need to deal with not only defeat but tribulation is a great teaching moment. Kyle, your approach to your injury recovery is inspiring and I wish both of you nothing but success on the tour this season.

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