21 Comments on “Kyle’s Beating Jason Belmonte at a Major! | PBA Tournament Of Champions”

  1. Keep up the great bowling Kyle! It was nice meeting you in person again and sitting back rooting for you! Will be rooting for you all the way!!

  2. Kyle, u are doing so good and feels like your smooth swing is paying off. That Altered Reality is money for you and looking to get it. Keep grinding and pushing forward. Great work

  3. Shout out to Mike for his Flobowling this week – heโ€™s KILLING it, very entertaining. And youโ€™ve been great on there too Brad ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  4. Tbh Kyle, you’re not only beating Belmo, but everybody! Keep it up and hopefully earn that top seed for the stepladders

  5. Great Bowling Kyle, and great production values on this video. This is truly some ‘A List’ bowling content guys. Thank You!

  6. Love the vlog. Love to see Brad keeping the mood loose and keeping Kyle laughing. Very excited for you guys. Sending the good vibes your way for continued success. Keep that shoulder in good shape!

  7. My goodness bowling is hard, that match play line-up was insanity, amazing to me how anyone wins multiple times. I couldn’t imagine week in, and week out, having to face guys that talented. Great bowling bud keep it up.

    1. Wow, so true. It’s the ToC, so every person you come up against is a beast. There are no weak sisters at all, just one amazingly skilled pro after another.

  8. Smashing out these videos at a great pace. Thank you so much for your commitment to your fans, we appreciate it. Bravo!!

  9. It is so fun to follow you guys! Loved watching you two go against each other in stepladders recently. Now Kyle is KILLING it, keep it up this weekend! So fun to see you bowl against the greats an hold your own. GOOD LUCK TODAY (and hopefully tomorrow!)! You’re inspiring me to sign up for your membership, get a new Storm ball, and get back into league again! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I love bowling. Grew up in a youth league, and it’s been a part of my life since. Due to physical reasons, I can’t bowl anymore, at least for now (knee issues). I love watching it on the television, and watching this vlog. So I’m living vicariously through Kyle and Brad at the moment, rooting for them on each of these videos. Kyle, you are just killing it, and then I decided to look at the current standings and OMG. I really hope to be watching you on Sunday. Hope the shoulder stays good. Keep up the great bowling!!

  11. Kyle, that Altered Reality is a keeper! Not only does it shape really well going down lane, but it carries! I saw quite a few shots that I thought would be sorta-flat 10’s, and that Reality slapped them out no problem. Stay with it man. I hope your shoulder holds up. Hey, who’s to say you can’t win the ToC and be the last man standing? NO ONE!! You can do it!! $100,000, baby!!

  12. Yโ€™all are making me actually miss bowling again! I havenโ€™t bowled league since 09 because of my work schedule. But, I watch the PBA every year because I understand how talented all of you are. Best of luck this weekend!

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