20 Comments on “Kyle’s Bowling a Major! | PBA Tournament of Champions”

  1. Wakie, wakie, hands off snakie… 🤣 Just messing with you Dennis. I think your attitude Brad is very encouraging. I know it sucks that you aren’t there, but I really think that you’ll find a silver lining in this week. A great time to observe what is working equipment wise for the top bowlers, observing mental games etc…. You guys rock and bowl well Kyle!!!

  2. You guys help me so much when I was bowling 2 years ago. Your content is so good like always. Cheers 🍻 🍻

  3. Frankie and Prather are my top 2 for sure!! But I also love watching Nick throw too, probably cuz his swing is closest to mine so I find it more relatable

  4. As a fellow Missourian, it’s so cool to see you guys doing so well. I really enjoy the channel!! Thanks guys!

  5. Kyle looks so comfortable to be around. The posture, the expressions, the laughs, he looks like he genuinely cares about these kids and the people hes helping. Amazing video

  6. Thanks Kyle and Brad for promoting bowling. You do a great service to a great sport. Good luck Kyle in the TOC.

  7. Something I love about Brad and Kyle is they show them failing on top of winning. Most bowlers only show strikes and they show that not every shot from a pro is perfect

  8. I’ve been subbed to Trevor for awhile. He got like Top 5 in Bradley Open 2021. He has one of the best bowling releases among the YouTube bowling community.💯

  9. Brad had the most unintentionally funny moment in the video. At 7:50, Brad says, “I’ve actually never had someone to help out and make content with” and pans to a shirtless Dennis laying on the couch. Now I’m waiting for the Brad and Dennis onlyfans 🤣

  10. Love it, most people have NO idea just how hard it is out on tour, especially climbing up the ropes from the bottom trying to get established and make a name for yourself, you gotta bee good…real good under all the pressure… love what you guys do!!

  11. You guys are amazing the way you have all the energy for the bowling competitions and the travelling keep going you guys will those titles yet 😊

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