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Kyle makes a run at the TV Show in this epic vlog. This is what professional bowling is all about.

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28 Comments on “Kyle’s first Singles Show! | PBA Cheetah Championship”

    1. @Joshua slosser I like Kyle and know them both but Ritchie definitely bowled the better game, Kyle just couldn’t get lined up and Ritchie was nailing the pocket almost every time dead flush.

    2. @Joshua slosser weird, only one who was lined up until Kyle was bowling was Ritchie, and even in the end Ritchie still was basically the only one lined up and throwing great shots.

  1. Good job Kyle! Bummer to see so many ringing tens and that 7-10. Keep working, you’ll get that title very soon!

    1. That was one of the ugliest events ive ever seen. I felt so bad for mcneil…dude literally tried everything to get a strike.

  2. Great bowling Kyle! This is probably the best video so far! Also thanks again to both of you for spending time with us in Indy!

  3. The pure amount of pocket ringing 10’s made me so upset. That dumb 6 pin would not even clip the 10. Or even make it a rocking 10.

  4. What you guys are capturing on tour is absolutely incredible, no one has given as much insight to tour life as you guys. It’s surreal watching your dreams come to fruition every step of the way, keep up the awesome work and keep pushing.

  5. Great job, Kyle! Glad to see my home state of Michigan treating you all with the love & respect you professionals deserve. Always love how into the sport of bowling people are up there. Cheers!

  6. Awesome job young man. Its coming for you. Also, you and Brad have energized bowling again, and have appealed to a new young group and this old guy, that means
    a lot. I enjoy these vlogs.

  7. Your vlog has brought me back to watching the PBA! Thank you for this inside access! With everything going on to compete at the highest level, it’s very special you both take the time to give the fans your heart and soul! Good luck and success in the years to come!

  8. I wouldn’t understand how hard the bowlers work without watching this channel, keep up the good work guys!

  9. Great bowling! As someone that’s just starting to bowl again, I’m feeling inspired and makes me to want to get better, join tournaments and one day make it to the PBA so that I can be in one of your Vlogs!

  10. I never comment on youtube videos…. Brad and Kyle you guys really do rock! Kyle – If what you bring to tv is a sign of what to come in the PBA… I can’t wait for the future!!! Keep up the great work!! From a fellow Missourian!!!

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