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40 Comments on “Lane Oil | Reactive vs Urethane Bowling Balls”

    1. Steve T definitely looks like South Point (the non tournament set of lanes), where the bowlers journal tournament is held.

  1. While its information I’ve known, it was still great to see the actual demonstration. Education is key!

  2. Ron, I use rubbing alcohol to clean the oil off my urethane ball (1992 Ebonite Nitro) with a regular terry towel, should I be using something else?

    1. Ronald Hickland Jr OK, 30+ minute video, but I just need a yes/no on using rubbing alcohol on my urethane ball? Just didn’t think I needed to use purple stuff or Wow! On an ancient piece like this…

    2. We tend to provide details answers so that it’s not subjective. Most people would have said No, with no reason for why. You can’t learn without understanding the why.

    3. @bowl1820 Hi. As I suspected. Been cleaning the urethane with rubbing alcohol for 10 years now, started using ‘HookIt’ for the resin balls, and now using Ron’s products as well.

    1. It’s different based on the coverstock first. Then the color second, then the additives pearl,sparkle, ect, last.

    1. Lol way less than what?….see where the issue is? Don’t believe everything you hear. Question everything

    2. @Ronald Hickland Jr Ι agree. 1st time i heard about the Pro-Motion, Storm said it doesn’t absorb oil. Which didn’t make sense to me, as it is a reactive coverstock. I asked a staffer about it but he didn’t reply…I don’t like false advertising…

    1. Yes they do. They’re still porous even with the polish and the pearl additives don’t effect absorption rates.

  3. So with the new rule , we got to use a dry towel to wipe between frames , i had a problem cause i usually have alcohol on my towel , so now if feels like im just spreading the oil now , on my urethane, came back scuffed lots of oil

  4. Hello Ron. Detox to draw oil from the cover stock also draw out plasticizer. Does So Fresh So Clean prevent the ball from drying out and becoming brittle?

  5. Thanks for choosing to do this test with exactly the Storm Pro-Motion. It’s good to clear things out and know the facts.

    1. reactive resin, urethane isnt usually in play unless there is friction on the lane. coverstock strength for resin balls usually goes solid , hybrid , pearl in terms of coverstock strength, but thats also very dependent on core shape and layouts

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