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7 Comments on “Lane Play and Getting Lined Up | What To Do If You Don’t Know The Pattern?”

  1. I personally like to grab a strong Asymm like the proton physix with some surface and with Angular motion and use the more right line.

  2. Here is a question….the urethane on a house shot has destroyed my ball reaction with my Zen. What I wanna know is if I used a Zen Master with some surface playing just left of their shot, would it work?…I see ppl using solids to counter Urethane a lot now. Looks to even help them some too if it’s a big Asym solid. Thanks in advance

    1. @Ronald Hickland Jr I’m using a 2K pad on it. Would I need to go stronger than that? I’m usually a 380rev player and 15-16mph on screen. Thanks for even replying to my first comment haha.

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