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This explains what is called Lane Shine and why it has very little to do with the ball in the first place.

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20 Comments on “LANE SHINE | The REAL REASON Behind Bowling Ball Surface Change Explained.”

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  4. Makes sense. Have bowling houses looked at different ways to return the ball that would not create lane shine?

    1. Well given that ball returns have remained basically unchanged for decades on end, I’m gonna go with “no”…

    2. you’re presuming that they care? anyone who understands the concept of lane shine is probably far enough along their ball maintenance education to render it a non-issue. anyone who doesn’t is probably still just hucking the ball like a shotput straight at the headpin. the gap in the venn diagram would be those who’d benefit from completely redesigning the bowling alley systems to return a ball 70 feet without making any kind of friction contact. something like a cranegame rig or starfleet teleporters.

      because i believe there’s also a conveyor belt behind the pins that redirects the ball into the ball returns elevator which is also a big wheel that dumps the ball onto a ramp higher than the ball return terminal where it then rolls down 65ish feet of rails to run up the final elevator. gravity and wheels are cheap methods of moving things. what does the bowling alley care if you need to buy some sanding pads every few months?

  5. This is all academic…Doesn’t much matter if lane shine comes from the lane, the ball return, or leprechauns hiding in your bag with green shoe polish and a chamois. Any which way you slice it, there’s still only one solution….

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