Lane Shine vs. Lane Burn | What is the Difference?

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13 Comments on “Lane Shine vs. Lane Burn | What is the Difference?”

  1. Good video highlighting the different sides of the scuff remover, but I’m not following what that has to do with the title of the video. I was hoping for more info about lane burn specifically.

  2. Several questions:

    1. Did I miss your discussion about lane shine? You demonstrated lane burn, but not lane shine.

    2. I am aware of the difference between the two. What does or what should a bowler do with this information? To me, the amount of lane burn, which I’ve always called burn rings (as opposed to oil rings), tells me if I’m playing in the dirt or not–a confirmation of whether my ball and shot are doing what I expected them to do, because I purposely chose to oaky a certain part of the lane.

    3. Many of your vids focus on surface prep before and after, because that’s what USBC allows. You have several great shammys (I love the BFP!), for use during competition. Could you do a vid of how to best use your products during play? Seems like all
    a bower can do during play is to either completely merely remove the oil from the ball’s surface, or intentionally choose not to do so, in order to allow the ball to skid longer and not burn up.

    Are there any other options for during competition, or is that pretty much it?

    4. What led you to choose 4700 grit for the darker side of the pad you used in this vid? Why that particular grit?

    Thank you

    1. The scuff mark remover, per the manufacturer is identical to the Mr clean magic eraser in function. I use Mr clean on my balls and notice no difference between products really. With enough pressure the magic eraser mimics a 3000 grit finish as well

    2. @Alex Blair I thought the same thing when I saw that pad. I was like looks like mr clean magic eraser. Those things are super abrasive. I used it to clean up one of my dirty pool sticks and it took the polish right off..down to the bare wood. Be careful with those things. Post a video with your Mr Clean usage? I’d like to see what it does.

  3. Good vid. But no comparison nor explanation between lane shine and lane burn. Can you elaborate?

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