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Bowling ball maintenance is important to achieve maximum performance. Have you ever wondered how much bowling ball maintenance really matters?

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Ronald Hinkland Jr., CEO of Creating The Difference, did a test with National Bowling Academy to demonstrate how quickly a bowling ball experiences “lane shine.” Lane shine changes the bowling ball’s surface while adding scuff marks, making the bowling ball appear dull and dirty.

The Test
We took a freshly surfaced bowling ball, scanned it using a ball surface scanner, and the result was 2500 grit. We then took that bowling ball down to the end of the lane and threw it in the gutter. It then rolled to the backstop and went through the ball return system.

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The bowling ball never touched the lane. We repeated this process 13 times. Below are the results of three separate scans on the same bowling ball after 13 shots. The three scans are of different areas on the bowling ball. The third scan is of the bowling ball track, the area that touches the lane, which in this test, it never did.

After 13 shots, the bowling ball surface changed from an average grit of 2500 to an average grit of 4300. This greatly impacts performance. Your bowling ball will now roll longer and hook later.

What can be done about lane shine?
First things first, wipe your bowling ball off after every shot thrown with a dry towel, per the new USBC rule. Bowling ball maintenance needs to happen after you are done bowling, every time. Finally, every three to six games, apply the desired surface to your bowling ball.

The main focus of Creating The Difference is to develop the sport of bowling by sharing education through their products while providing information designed to help bowlers. After watching this video, you now know bowling ball maintenance is an absolute must to remain competitive.

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  1. My regular center has the original Brunswick pinsetters from 1958. Try that test in there, and that cleaning pad would have to be given a proper burial.

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