25 Comments on “Last Minute Charge for the PBA World Championships”

  1. Kyle, that was a great fight to the finish to cash, great job. Brad, you are getting alot better, keep working hard

  2. You guys’mental games have really seemed to step up since last year. I’m loving the impact it’s had on the content too. Positivity sees opportunities everywhere. Negativity sees liabilities everywhere. We all get to pick our path…

  3. Excellent bowling! I’ve learned so much just watching y’all and you started this whole YouTube game!

  4. Great job guys. One tip – do NOT focus so much on the results of each shot. 99% of your focus should only be on what you can control (your execution of shot based on your plan for that shot). After that, it is what it is and DO NOT mention it again unless its thru a positive statement. I know it sounds easy but worrying about your problems and listening to other peoples problems is a recipe for failure long term. Just keep things 99% positive and results will come your way more consistently. It does take practice, but catch yourself and say let it go. GOOD LUCK

  5. Really enjoy watching and listening to you guys! Best of luck going forward. Looking forward to watching more success! Well done!

  6. Great grind this wk, guys! Nice finish, Kyle, g l at the next! Wish me luck in Reno this weekend ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  7. Brad, check this out. Noticed your release timing changes. Late = hitting up + and more erect at foul line/early = rolling it and more knee bend at release. The late release is causing over/under and rolling it more consistent carry.

  8. Shows how hard it must be seeing what look like perfect shots leave those splits.
    Great bowling going on, that tight norm duke line is perfect

  9. See you guys next month at the Roth Holman doubles. Looking forward to watching you guys tear โ€˜em up, lol.

  10. Its crazy how people try to translate what works for local leagues and tournaments onto the PBA tour. If anything I recognize how good Brad & Kyle are and how tough the environment is that they compete.

  11. Wish I had the money to spare for the program honestly, but when and if that backpack comes out for general purchase…. it will be bought INSTANTLY!

    Good WSOB, guys. I have a feeling yall will bringing home some hardware for the doubles tournament with all the strides you guys have made recently.

  12. Although that 240 wasnโ€™t your high game of the tournament, thereโ€™s power in speaking things into fruition. Remember when I said during sectionals, โ€œyโ€™all ainโ€™t tryna shoot 300โ€? I spoke it and we really did it!!! Keep grinding bro I am proud of you and Kyle. #LU4life

  13. Since using lane talk the last 5 weeks Iโ€™ve been a 243 average! Feels good to see all the games from multiple weeks and how damn well Iโ€™ve been bowling.

  14. i alwayswish for you guys its great seeing my ol friend Norm still sharing his strenths..he is one of the greats of the pba and life..blessings to all of youโ€ฆ

  15. Brad and Kyle, you two, as well as the rest of the players, are so fortunate to be out there competing. Keep up keeping up๐Ÿ˜€

  16. You guys were great. I look forward to seeing you here in New Jersey for the Players Championship. Hopefully, I get the opportunity to bowl with you at the Pro-Am if you’re scheduled. Take care and get some rest.

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