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  1. Great job guys 👍 We as fans really enjoy that you take the time out to talk and kid around with your fans . Hopefully you both make it back to AMF Western Brach Lanes in Chesapeake Va next year for the Pro Am . Good luck in your upcoming tournaments 🎳

    1. That would be awesome! I bowled in the 5:30 pro am last year and sadly didn’t get to bowl with Brad, but had a nice conversation with him for a few minutes before my dad pulled me away and felt like I was distracting him.

  2. Thank you guys for coming out. Been waiting on this day since 2017 and I finally got to meet my idols! You guys are amazing! Without your videos, I wouldn’t be the bowler I am today.

    1. If I knew they were gonna be there I would’ve tried to shoehorn my way into the tournament – alas. Talked to my dad about it, he said that they were great.

  3. Damn! I wish I knew you guys were gonna be in town. I bowl at the Buffaloe centers and they are great centers and very family friendly. I would have loved to come out and meet y’all. Hey Brad, I have a dealership down in Aberdeen that is about 5 minutes from Pinehurst. You don’t have to be a member to play on any of their 9 courses. Now, granted, their famous courses are gonna be tougher to play but its not too hard to get on number 7 and thats a good one to play. Expect to pay about $250 for the round plus whatever else you want to buy.

  4. I was watching a tournament on Facebook recently, and the drinkers were screaming and cussing. Billy Welu’s bowling alley in Houston had a sign in the grill that said, “No profanity” or “No cussing”. Not sure if they sold alcohol, since I don’t drink. But the gutters would not pass USBC specs – very shallow, and the ball and pins bounced all over. Obviously a wood track house. That was when every ball was rubber. IIRC, it cost 19 cents plus tax, for an even 20 cents a game, automatic pinsetters included.

  5. This takes me back to the days of having some kind of tournament to bowl, every weekend. Most sponsored by beer companies. The biggest one in Waterloo, when I moved into men’s league, was The Schlitz Tournament.

  6. The secret to a successful bowling alley is looking after your league bowlers. They will come rain or shine, snow or wind. Casual bowlers may fill the lanes certain days of the week/end. But those league bowlers, taken care of, are the bread and butter of any bowling centre! Awesome to see everyone having fun. it’s what it’s all about! Thanks for the content too!! 🙂

    1. The Buffaloe family also does an awesome job of running programs for grade school and high school youth bowlers to get them into bowling, and for retired seniors to keep them bowling. The are fantastic proprietors.

  7. On my way to Vegas to bowl nationals. If I don’t see you guys there, will definitely see you in Portland Maine at Bayside Bowl. You guys are the reason why I am still bowling and getting better.

  8. Thanks for coming out, was great meeting you guys. Hopefully the Buffaloes bring you guys back for another Team Championship or a Junior Gold event.

  9. Grew up bowling youth tournaments and adult tournaments at that center. Owners are first class and center is always well up kept and clean. Glad you all were able to experience that tournament

  10. North Carolina bowling if straight fire! Bowling tournaments almost every weekend and great local leagues!

  11. The house my kid and I bowl at down here in Herrin, IL doesn’t serve alcohol. We still have a blast. Love the content guys.

  12. Great video! I love that it shows how fun league bowling can be… especially the non-alcohol message. Really refreshing to see! I hope you guys get to be a part of more of these types of events.

  13. Here all weekend and I never even got to meet y’all! Hate I had to miss the tournament but Michael has had nothing but extremely positive things to say about the both of you! Y’all come back soon!

  14. One of the many things that make this annual Buffaloe tourney so awesome is getting to meet pros like you two. Great times with lots of folks that just love bowling. Keep up the great vids and best of luck to both of you!

  15. Wow, I bowled for years at Buffaloe Lanes, I’ve even bowled in that tournament a couple of times. Had to stop due to injury, but dang, never expected to see you two there. Would have loved to meet you two, I just don’t pay that much attention to local events… lol. Great to see you at a local event though. Keep up the great bowling (and the vlog!)

  16. Bowling has a wonderful quality to it that I’ve very much appreciated: bowling is a sport that you can be good at almost regardless of age. At my local 14 lane bowling alley we’ve got a good variety of ages bowling league. We’ve even got a 93 year old man bowling and even if he’s a small bit slow to set up his approach he’s still a force to be reckoned with.
    Last year on the same night we had me, barely over 20, a 30+ woman, and Mr. 93 himself all shooting 200’s and that’s just the ones I noticed that night.

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