Leaving Your Bowling Ball in a Hot Car. What Does That Mean?

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This talks about heat and what it does to your bowling ball.

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24 Comments on “Leaving Your Bowling Ball in a Hot Car. What Does That Mean?”

  1. I have made this mistake on more then one occasion. I thought it was condesation on the ball. Great insight!

  2. I left my rhino pro gold pearl ball in the trunk a few times and it did end up cracking over the pin. I learned from my mistake

  3. Isn’t 30 seconds a bit too short ? I mean they absorb oil slower than that. Also, could we just leave the So Fresh So clean on the ball for like, 5 minutes so it absorbs more of it ?

  4. I will be returning to the office after working from home for over a year. With my schedule I don’t always have time to get home to grab my gear before league. I HATE leaving my stuff in the car. I will need to find another solution. Even if it means dragging my stuff in the office and putting it under my desk.

    1. @TeamIFDVideos I have a three ball roller and a three ball tote. I have space for them in my cube area, if they don’t move me to a new portion of the building.

    2. @TeamIFDVideos sounds like you need to expand your arsenal and have specific balls for each center😂😂 I know how my wife would react….

  5. Or as I say the cheap way of getting oil out. Did this on accident a few weeks ago. I wipe the oil off then use a cleaner then resurface with either CTD trucut pads or wet dry sandpaper from home depot.

  6. The first couple of times i used CTD it seemed to help but after that, not so much. Maybe i wiped it off too quickly.

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