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14 Comments on “Life After Death Bowling Ball Cleaner PLUS Life Extender | What Is It and How Do You Use It?”

  1. This has been the single best ball cleaner I’ve ever used. The microcoating that remains on the ball does not affect ball motion at all, but it prevents grime from adhering to the ball. Scuffs that would have previously required 2-3 applications of alcohol during competition can now be wiped off (albeit with some elbow grease) with a microfiber towel during competition.

    1. @William Freitas I have been doing my own study and after 80+ games/cleaning after each 3 game block the effects have been a cleaner ball with same consistent motion. If a wet magic eraser cleans stainless steel without scratching, I’m pretty sure it’s not going to damage the coverstock on a ball.

    2. @Remo Evans I didn’t mention anything about scratching the cover. I was referring to chemical reaction and exposure over an extended period of time. Basic chemistry 101

    3. @Remo Evans CTD sells the Scuff Mark Remover 6 pack for $30.95. Even a single is under $7. Maybe the bad math is a result of ingestion chemicals not made to be mixed.

    1. As a long time hammerhead, I use to use Tough Scrub or Clean and Dull along with Ultimate Black Magic spray for years. I switched to LAD 4 months ago and it is the best.

  2. I used this last night. Cleans very well and keeps the ball tacky a lot longer than the Motiv “Amplify” cleaner I’ve got. My main question is, how often should we use this and can I use another cleaning product in between using the Life After Death? Does other cleaners remove the tackify?

    1. You should use it before or after bowling. The life extension part takes time so using other products may delay or impede that process.

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