LOWER REV RATE BALL REVIEW – Hammer Black Widow Urethane – TruBall Reviews

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9 Comments on “LOWER REV RATE BALL REVIEW – Hammer Black Widow Urethane – TruBall Reviews”

    1. Polishing urethane will hurt down lane reaction. I have a spinner and polished my Storm Fever Pitch to see what it did. While it looked amazing, it rolled like garbage. I sanded it back to 1500-2000 immediately. I do not mess with the surface on my Purple Hammers. I only wipe the oil off before every 1st ball shot.

  1. I disagree I think this ball would look great in a lower RPM bowlers hands, Billy’s last shot was money, he could sit there all night and then maybe game 3 boom a Surfaced ASYM to his carry down area

  2. Nice video. Just a note : Specto there has his RPM at 350 range. If the pros had double that, they would be at 700. Specto has problems measuring RPM, so people watching, keep that in mind. This player is not much more than 200 judging by my eyes and my own RPM.

  3. Quick question. Let’s say i finish league and my arsenal is dirty. The plan is to clean and polish them for next week. In what order would i use ctd polish and the new cleaner that includes tackify. I’m assuming clean then polish but would the polish remove the molecular layer of tackify?

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