LOWER REV RATE BALL REVIEW – Motiv Mythic Jackal – TruBall Reviews

Check out this ball below!

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9 Comments on “LOWER REV RATE BALL REVIEW – Motiv Mythic Jackal – TruBall Reviews”

  1. Hammer has a new ball called the 3d offset, it looks like it is a 500 2000 siaair pad. Would I just use a 2000 ctd pad for that ball?

    1. Have you thrown it yourself yet? I haven’t seen enough of it to decide yet but I was excited to see it come out and have high hopes for it.. I would love to see it and the Jackal Ghost drilled the same on the same lane. I am a lower rev guy like Billy. I love the ghost and I also really like the Vip Affliction. I guess time will tell.

    2. @Jeremy Miller not really a fan of motiv I prefer brunswick, hammer, Dv8. The widow ghost is probably the biggest angular ball out. It just gets dirty really quickly. Knockout black and blue reminds me of my terror which is 7 plus years old, but is still in my bag cause it hits. Check out some of my clips.

    3. @Rough Diamond3190 I like hammer also. I have a Badass from 2016 maybe that I would almost give up a testicle before I gave it up. It is one of my benchmark balls for sure But that gas mask core in the black widows is one of the greatest cores ever made for sure. I was torn between the Motiv Jackal Ghost and the Hammer BW Ghost. I have not got any regrets not to say the hammer is not a great ball. I also have a infamous and Raw so I am a Hammer fan too.. But to be Honest I am only partial to strikes not balls.

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