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4 Comments on “LOWER REV RATE REVIEW | Columbia 300 Speed Bowling Ball Review – TruBall Reviews”

  1. “Where continuous balls tend to fail is if there’s too much friction, or not enough friction”. Doesn’t that apply to every ball?

    And the shot where he got it out and it didn’t continue was 7-8 at the arrows out to 5, whereas the next shot was 11 to 7. Totally different.

  2. I started bowling at 8. Had one bowling ball. I replaced it many times over the years, still had only one bowling ball. Today, I’m 64 years later, haven’t bowled in some 12 years and have no bowling balls. It’s almost as if there is too much information about “what you should consider” when buying a bowling ball. Then, who will drill the thing? I’m a fan of the two-handed bowlers though it’s not something I’d do. You put out very informative videos, Ron. Thank you!

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