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  1. Was able to meet Brad on last Monday and told him to go get number 1. His response was this would be a good one to get, go get it Brad!

  2. What could be better for this season than BOTH Kyle AND Brad getting single titles….and a MAJOR! ALL HAIL BRAD AND KYLE!!!❤️❤️❤️

  3. @Brad and Kyle, Steve (00:18) owns/runs the pro shop at the bowling alley that my league is at, talk to him every week when he’s not out there with you guys, (town and country lanes) great teacher of the game and an even better dude. He has drilled every one of my rocks and to perfection, I might add, lol. Small world, salute gents and best of luck to Brad.

  4. It feels weird to realize that, for Brad to finally win a title, he’s going to have to send roomie Norm into retirement but what a statement it would be. Good luck!

  5. I wish you were live streaming right now. I’m watching by myself and screaming for Brad. Love Simo, but Go Brad!

  6. Brad, Great bowling on the TV finals. Very difficult lane conditions. Im sorry you did not win but you still bowled great. Paul Klanecky

  7. Nice run Brad!! You guys are awesome. I hope you enjoyed the moment. You looked a little stressed.

  8. Kyle, I’m a Bowler of 50 yrs, Thanks for all that you and Brad do to Keep it Going, also I remember when Norm, Went the distance to win his first, been around from Hawaii Bowling to Jacksonville Nationals, Body will not let me do it anymore but I love to still watch Thanks and God Bless

  9. Great run Brad… the 6 bagger had us all jumping out of our seats fist pumping and high 5-ing!
    Can’t wait to see you guys tear it up in the Playoffs!

  10. Congrats on the run you had. It looked like a tough pattern, changing every few frames. Saw a lot of oil on everybody’s ball. Thanks for an exciting time.

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