25 Comments on “Mind Games With Jason Belmonte | 2021 USBC Masters”

  1. Can someone fill me in on the losers bracket? Is there any reason to have it? Competing for cash?

    1. double elimination, with the exception of the 1 remaining undefeated losing in the championship TV match, you have to lose twice to be done. I’m sure there could be a less condemning name for it, but that is what it is.

    2. It’s a double elimination tournament so it prevents a player shooting say 750 for 3 games in the first round, losing a match to an unconscious opponent and getting instantly knocked out. The last two standing in the winner’s bracket are #1 and #2 seeds on TV. The last 4 standing in the loser’s bracket bowl a 3 game shoot with the top 3 going on TV as #3, #4 and #5 seeds with the 4th bowler eliminated.

    3. the top 2 do have their 3 game match ‘winners final’ to determine #1 & #2 seeds for step-ladder, though. correct?

  2. Glad I was able to watch all these games live, rough breaks out there… Let’s hope for some excitement at the U.S. Open

  3. Belmo has a portable hammock in Brad’s head….was Packy wearing one of those plastic chick hair clips??? Well ya guys tried

  4. Psyche~~~”Hey Jason, I’ve seen you throw one right in the pocket and leave a 7-10…., think you’re going to do that against me…?”

  5. The vlogs are awesome, and so funny. You guys have great content. Keep it up. Love you guys, and wishing you all the best in the US Open next week 😉❤️🎳

  6. Great bowling. Can you give us an idea of what your weekly expenses are for these tournaments?

  7. its good to have you all bowl on a tough condition to show weaknesses in your game and what to work on

  8. Brad , he was already in your head as soon as you started talking about him and his games. Should’ve told him a different bowling alley. Hope you both good luck in the Open.

  9. Brad walks up to Belmo:

    Brad: I’m going to put mind game you because I know you are going to Jedi mind trick me to go Brooklyn.

    Belmo: Ok, I’ll still win regardless of what you think.

    Brad: You’re one to talk, how many times have you won this event?

    Belmo: 4 times in the last 6 years

    Brad: Ohhhhhhhhh…. yeah I’m kinda screwed.

    Kyle: Yeah, at least you signed up though.

    Great video guys!

  10. Great behind the scenes n great incite on how you guys prepare for events ..equipment,hotel location travel whole bit

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