Motiv Black Venom Bowling Ball Review | IS THIS THE BEST VENOM YET?

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9 Comments on “Motiv Black Venom Bowling Ball Review | IS THIS THE BEST VENOM YET?”

  1. Punched one up last weekend and beat my personal best by almost 80 pins. Love this ball. I’m a bit lower rev and speed than Ron and it worked great on the fresh for me @4000.

  2. Hello Mr.Hickland it was nice meeting you Friday my wife and I took your full day training class Friday we had a wonderful time with Dave and we thoroughly enjoyed talking with your dad he’s quite the character. Again thank y’all for your hospitality and training.

  3. You guys are getting really lazy with reviews. Even pushing yhe products is getting lazy and not really much new. Just recycling thru already made content. Like the new ball bag a short video on it but not much depth in showing it off

  4. I can’t see this replacing my Pride solid but never say never. Definitely love a black bowling ball. Just seems right

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