22 Comments on “My CRAZIEST MATCH EVER On The PBA Tour!”

  1. Kyle, i was watching ur matches and o my they were close games. Way to grind it out and keep on pushing. That ending of match 2 was shocking, my jaw just dropped. Good bowling Kyle

  2. Chris is one of my favorite bowlers, and to see that you had to bowl him had me torn. Great job Kyle! Good luck the rest of the way!

  3. Crazy crazy ending, but you clutching up in the 9th and 10th frame of the last game put yourself in that position to put all the pressure back on Barnes. Never quit, never give up. Most valuable lesson for anyone that watched this (no defense in bowling!)

    1. @ripvanracer Kyle went into game 3 with a 5 pin lead. Keven and Kyle both had front 5 before Kyle had two 9 spares in 6th and 7th. In the 8th, Kyle left the 2-10 and almost picked it. He then doubled and 9 spare for 235. Keven just needed the first one on the 10th to win, but left the 3 4 7 10. A spare would have given him enough but he missed right. Crazy match! ๐Ÿคฉ

  4. Congrats Kyle! I could bot imagine having to bowl Chris Barnes (or you at this point lol) but you came out on top! Keep hustling man, you’re doing great things

  5. Awesome,,, I love watching you both bowl. Iโ€™ve learned so much this year with watching you both. And the tips on your channelโ€ฆthanks again.

  6. Sweet!!! The smile said it all lol, Glad I was able to see all of you guys in action in my city. Go do something great out there!!!

  7. Congratz Kyle. You, DTang and Shark Prather are my favorite 3 young bowlers on the tour and I root hard for you all. Chris Barnes is one of my favorite guys among the older bowlers, and it was hard to see him miss that last spare to lose like that. But, hey, someone has to win and someone has to lose. You did great and you deserve to move on. I hope to see you go at an even bigger legend, Belmo, later on in this tournament, and I’ll be hoping like heck that you win. You can do it!! Also, kudos to you for your honesty for admitting that when Chris missed, it made you really really happy. We all want to be good sports, but we definitely want that win even more. You’re a good guy, haha.

  8. Congrats Kyle! So happy to see you advance to championship Sunday! Welll deserved and definitely earned!!

  9. Seems to me after checking the leader board that you are having a better than average outing. Well deserved for sure! Good luck!

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