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  1. Love the colors. Would this be a good ball to add to my phaze 2 and hyroad pearl? I’ve been considering getting a new ball before fall/winter league starts back up and I’m looking for a more aggressive ball than a phaze 2.

    1. This isn’t more aggressive, it is really smooth and just strong. It would be good with your other 2, but it might be worth getting an asym

  2. A question I have always wondered, when you ball down and move in as a pro do you tuck your pinky as well as changing your speed or do you keep your hand position the same?

    1. People like Kris Prather tuck pinky, I don’t think these 2 do, or do you mean just slide the pinky closer?

    2. @TurtleJeremy either, I’ve been experimenting with a bunch of different ways. I was asking if either of these guys do. But I like as I move left to actually tuck my pinky. My big focus is also to work on speed control I’m a medium rev, higher speed bowler and I’m working on ways to open up the lane more.

  3. Can you please share what ball speed and rev rate you are throwing here? That information helps us understand more of adaptability to our game!!

  4. I threw the Marvel Pearl for many years. For that last few years I have been throwing Axiom Pearls, which is my favorite ball ever. I’m 66, have been bowling 44 years, and last season the Axiom Pearl produced my highest league average at 221. But Storm cancelled the Axiom Pearl. Is the Summit my next ball?

  5. This ball is good for pros only lane shines like no other than can drill a new one every week

  6. I’d like to start seeing ball reviews on different surfaces. Then you can really tell how a ball rolls.

  7. I’m almost 81 years old and I don’t want anything aggressive, more likely something on the medium to low medium would be something for me, for an Amateur all my bowling life I would say i was a little better than average with several 300 games and a few 800 series but nothing serious anymore. Like your videos.

  8. I bowl the summit in league and love it. I also have the Duo. While the Duo for me, seems to roll better, it doesn’t finish thru the pins, like the summit does. Go summit.

    1. How does your house shot have enough oil for those balls ? I haven’t seen any pro women or men win with the Summit this year. Seems kind uncontrollable.

  9. I finally found a ball with an oldie but definitely a goodie with the Hy-Road, colors are badass on the Summit

  10. I’ve thrown this ball a few times on a few different patterns and it feels really good. I love the shape.

  11. I was bowling with a Storm 15 lb. reactive ball. All of the right handers spreading the oil over to the left side of the lane worked for me. I’m a lefty.πŸ™‚

  12. I’d like to see this ball thrown on a friday or saturday night in the same facility….. I just got back into bowling, my usual places are St. Charles lanes or ofallon bowl. I have an old messenger 3 and a pure physics. lanes are usually fried later those nights and end up playing up right very low rev.

  13. Most people don’t bowl on sport shots but I think if you do bowl with this ball and you mess around with surface you will find this ball works well

  14. Good review! If you already have a Phase 2 drilled pin up would you drill the Summit pin down as a compliment?

  15. Kyle…recovered after surgery and looking pretty good! I had to drill a _set to roll 225 on Shark. None of my pearls or reactive stuff could hang. However, at the next matchmaker I will be rolling the Summit and the Duo to see what we have for league season?

  16. Bowled 300 my first game with this ball before drilling it. Bowled 300 my second game with this ball before taking it out of the bag. Bowled 300 my third game with this ball without even touching it because I was busy impressing this hot league night groupie with tales of my perfect 900 series. Let’s just say my perfect night on the lanes got even perfecter off of them. Didn’t even take my bowling shoes off. Think I’ll try the Summit again next week. Good ball.

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