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  1. I’ve reached out twice by sending an email to your help desk and have not heard back in 2 years I figured it was obvious that I was not wanted on the staff. I would like to join but no one has gotten back to me about it. I really enjoy your products but I don’t know how to feel about it. If I am denied it would have been nice to just be told you can’t be on staff.

  2. Thank you Ron for continued research & development of better products to help the bowler. Also, thank you for all of the ball reviews & technical info. I feel that you are one of the better individuals to continue the philosophy of Mo Pinel.

  3. Would have been nice to see the cleaner compared without the scuff remover. Scuff remover would clean the ball regardless of cleaner chosen in my opinion.
    I haveuse Purple Stuff and Wow Factor, this isn’t hate. The reality is that the scuff remover was the difference in this video, not the cleaner.
    Having said that, anyone who has a white ball, or a ball with white (I have a Crux Prime) if you want it to be that out of box white again, the magic erasers are 100% the trick. From CTD or Mr.Clean at the store. Warm soapy water and a quick sponge bath is all that’s needed to bring them back to original colors.
    Cleaners are for using immediately after a set, at the alley, and they’re all relatively the same. Use what you like the best.
    Just don’t sleep on the melanin cleaning powers. (I recommend gloves for sensitive skin)

  4. Your cleaners with a micro fiber towel vs. other brands with a paper towel that nobody would ever use to clean their ball.

    1. Hold up!!! I use paper towel to clean my balls all the time!!! So that’s not true. I’m that somebody who uses paper tower to clean my equipment!!! =D

    2. I think paper towel works great for pearl and polished balls. But for solids I might need something STRONGER!!! So I like this combination. The hard thing to do. I get a dull solid ball to be tacky. its only like that for the first 3 to 10 games when you buy the ball. Better make your money off of it. Then what!!! I’d like to see what this does to solid balls like tha Hammer INfamous

    3. @Ronald Hickland Jr even so, I still think there are too many variables and no “control” in your test/comparison. Microfiber with one cleaner, paper towel with another, “magic eraser” (which will clean/abrade just about any surface with just water) with your newest. I didn’t really learn anything about the true differences between the cleaners, but more about the differences between the types of application methods.

    4. @Chris Schmidt exactly. And different methods for each product just nullifies the whole thing and does not convince.

  5. Scuff mark remover works great but it’s basically just a magic eraser which you can get for cheap and it will sand your bowling ball to a 3000-5000 grit. I’d like to see the new product with just a paper towel.

  6. Will this product replace so fresh so clean? And are the on the same level for cleaning? I also would like to disagree that it was the magic eraser. I believe in the products!

    1. I had the same questions earlier today, but after reading the blog found out that LOD is a little more powerful. The layer of protection it add with the tackifier helps make future cleaning easier. It is also recommended for all cover types. The SFSC was just for reactive coverstocks. LOD is useful for urethane balls as well.

  7. I enjoy new products, and not wishing to be nitpicky here, but this is by no means a “scientific comparison”. A few holes in the marketing presentation i’m afraid.
    1. First off, you basically bash you own previous 2 products, by showing that don’t clean much. This may make buyers of those products feel kinda dumb about buying those…
    2. Even if you followed instructions for other products, instructions may not be always ideal. If you want to compare things in a way that actually convinces people, all products must be used with the exact same method.
    3. You used a very small amount of the other products, but a much larger amount of your product.
    4. The other products were almost immediately wiped, yours was let several seconds to act.
    5. The other products were used with paper towels or microfiber, your was with a pad/sponge. (which anyone knows it does a good job with many cleaners as well.

  8. 1,000% going to get plenty of this for both my league and tournament arsenals and to keep some lying around.

    Thanks for a spectacular looking product Mr Hickland!

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