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41 Comments on “NEW Radical Results Bowling Ball Review”

  1. Ron, would hitting it with surface 2k or 1k trucut pad help bring the break point closer to you so the ball is in more of roll? By the way, according to that drilling you are using it states in the Radical drilling chart that is for a small hook! I hate to see what the max flip drilling would shape like…lol

    1. Phaze 3 is one hell of a Ball.. the best one ive thrown ever.. its quite long but then so angular and continuous through the pins.. its just amazing. Plus it smells really nice.. xD

    2. @Tenpinmaster My stupid league on Tuesdays changed their oil by not using any apparently. I ended up going with a super polished Wreck-It last night in game 3 and throwing it out toward right gutter and ended up with 244. But not the way I like bowling. Basically standing on 30, throwing over the 3rd arrow at 17-18mph and still have 3 brooklyn strikes LOL. My rev rate is 400+ so yeah I’m leaning towards Phaze III now. I think Radical Results will be unusable in my league.

    3. @TraumaER agreed.. radical results is stronger than p3 i think.. and i know what you feel.. most of my league centers (i bowl 5-6 different houses each season) have almost no oil either.. two hander with 16,7 mph and around 450 rpms.. if you want a very good step down ball from an phaze 3 which is still quite strong and angular i can recommend the Roto Grip Idol Pearl.. One of my favorites when the lanes are too dry.. 😉 but if i have some oil the phaze 3 works wonders for me. 😉

    4. @Tenpinmaster I think I will try Phaze 3 then. Too many people using it on tour for it not to be great. I haven’t been too good with super strong balls as my rev rate has increased over the years. I use a Brunswick Fury still as my go-to ball for league, but even that is having issue as it is way too aggressive for THS. I tried some weaker reactives from Storm and it’s been mixed (mostly I drilled them wrong I think). Pitch Black is awesome, but it ruins my teammates lines LOL. They start wondering why their ball keeps sliding too far down the lane. It’s great for me though haha! But yeah I think Phaze 3 polished to 4000+ grit is what I want to see. Maybe I will get a week mid-reactive also of whatever is on sale. Seems like most people pay up for the top balls and ignore the mid-tier or lower-tier reactives so they go on sale quick.

    5. Tenpinmaster its good. but it only really shines on house shot type patterns. which is why the pros never throw it

  2. It’s amazing how much you determine this ball will be “bad for” without actually seeing it in those situations. I agree with how impressive this ball is, but I disagree with the unpredictability. This ball is great once you get your feet deep enough. On house, (s)he who is furthest left (for righties), wins… sounds perfect for house shot strike fest in the hands of big rev players…
    You made it look good! But you will be surprised at how it good it is at what you think are its shortcomings…

    1. Josh, I wasn’t gonna get into it… but I don’t appreciate my credibility being called into question. I have tested this ball on specto with 3 different layouts on 4 different patterns and at multiple surfaces. I feel that ignoring facts because of my last name is ignorant. Regardless of genetic relation, my familiarity with this ball comes from a month of testing and my own study.

    2. @Bowling Science I didnt actually know he was your real dad. explains why you only throw products from the brunswick brand. I don’t question the fact that you’ve done your research and testing on this ball extensively, I’ve seen your videos. Thing is I just think you’re a little bit bias since from what I’ve seen you only throw brunswick products. I’ve been rubbed the wrong way by radical and how they expected everyone to believe that their tests they did where they drilled up storm balls, ebonite balls, motiv balls, etc. and used their own throwbot machine at their own testing facility on their own lanes and expected us to believe that these tests were credible experiments. I just feel like a company that made actually good products wouldn’t have to go to these lengths to have to prove it. The league goers and pros prove how good a ball is. I’m still going to watch your vids. I watch them to stay well rounded since you do throw brunswick and I only throw Storm/Roto and have thrown a couple ebonite products. Nonetheless, They’re really well made and I dig the vibe. If you could throw other brands in comparison my opinion would change. So I guess my issue is more with Brunswick then your creditability. Maybe they’d be better if they were at least made in the US.

      I agree with what you said. What Brun$wick did to the EBI plant was too much for me. Wont give them any of my money. Its too bad cause I respect Mo and want to support him.

    4. @Bowling Science I take it he MISSED your video on throwing the new Radical Results before hurdling insults at you first! And he’s lying….he absolutely knew who you were!!!

    5. @Jon Cho brunswick did nothing with the EBI plant… blue 9 financial, owner of 5 below, owned EBI and chose to close the plant and only sell the brands to brunswick as assets…. the more you know… EBI shut down EBI, not anyone else.

  3. Holy moly! That’s Tinley bowl! Kyle and Al drill my stuff! That’s awesome you guys were in the South suburbs! Come out to Town and Country for an 8 game! I’m a staffer with you guys and would love to see you there!

  4. Hey! I have a question!

    I have had my BFP and Power Pad for a while, and they are pretty oil-logged. Is there a good way to clean them?

    Thanks for reading!

  5. Thank you for a very honest review.
    My takeaway: Not for over/under wet/dry house shots. This ball will only exacerbate the out of control tendencies of that pattern.
    So it is just for flatter sport shots or floods where the ball can calm down and provide control.
    Yet the question that comes up is: Why design a ball that can’t be used effectively on the pattern that 99% of all league bowlers bowl on? Seems like a waste.

    1. Not every ball is going to work on all conditions. Radical also has the Squatch series, Closers, and Counter Attacks which are great on house shots and patterns with less oil.

      Unfortunately, hook and backend sells to your average once a week league bowlers.

  6. Lol yo Ron this ball left you speechless. It had me saying the same thing I must say it is a game changer

  7. I suggest every ball review by every vlogger would include a sort of screenshot of the drill layout. After all layouts contribute to a ball’s performance (together with core, coverstock, oil pattern, etc.) Thanks

  8. If you keep the speed up you can play second arrow right all three games! High 600s and a 700 this week in league! This ball is awesome, I put a little shine on mine to make it go longer and to take out some of that angular motion since I am playing rather tight!

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