25 Comments on “Norm Duke Teaches Us A Lesson! | USBC US OPEN”

  1. The look on Stu’s face when he said “Norm said the pattern is easy” was hilarious. It was a great “are you shitting me?” face. lol Hey, 40 years on the Tour saying the pattern is easy shouldn’t make you feel TOO bad.

  2. Hey gents, love the channel! If you’re ever comin up to Rochester New York I’d love to throw a game or two with ya! Keep up the great work!

  3. Norm seems like a cool guy. Hope all goes well for the two of you this week. Stay safe and healthy. 😉

    1. He is. My friend took a picture with him. OF COURSE I HAD TO HOLD THE CAMERA…..lol….Yeah he’s super chill guy.

    1. @Habeev07 If you’re talking total career titles, of course he has a long way to go to get in the club of legends. If you’re talking majors, he has already passed them all.

  4. BRAD & Kyle – you 2 do your thang, don’t worry about the vlogs and hope to see you in the show for the US Open. #CRUSHIT

  5. I have that problem when I set my IT drill bit stopper, but when I wrench down my thumb inset goes a little deeper. I have no idea how those truck guys on tour keep up knowing everybody’s thing on drilling. Kudos to them. Keep up the good content. Thank you

  6. Brad & Kyle I’d love to do the coaching thing but my wife and I don’t do social media’s like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. is there ways to work around that? Followed this channel for a while now, you guys are great and put out amazing content. Keep up the good work boys!

  7. Norm is my alltime bowling hero, one of the few people who i really wish to meet and get a bowling lesson from. I have had lessons twice from Parker Bohn III when he was over here and they were hosting clinics, and really liked that guy as well

  8. Loved this vlog, was such a funny, happy, real time. Chatting with OG’s like norm and shooting the business with friends, who one of witch won the event last year. Really shows how much fun bowling can be, but also how much goes into it. Love it boys, keep it up!!

  9. I know Norm’s time is about to end sooner than later, but I hope he bowls until eternity. There is not a soul in the world that hates him or wants him to retire.

  10. Norm’s my favorite bowler of all time. If he says it’s not flat or anything, that means he’s got a big chance to move on match play. Who knows? He could win the event.

  11. These great videos have inspired me to pick the game up again after 10 years off the lanes. I used to bowl right-handed but I’ve always been left-hand dominant. I plan to teach myself to bowl left-handed. It’s going to be a complete rebuild of a bowling delivery mentally and physically. I wonder if helpful Brad and Kyle’s coaching service could be to me. I was already considering the Storm Trend 2…

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