One BIG Reason Pro’s are Better Than Amateur Bowler’s | Kyle Troup | Join Our Staff And Learn More

One thing professionals do well is their ability to repeats and hit the same mark in the front and back part of the lane. Today we visually show the difference between a professional and amateur.

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10 Comments on “One BIG Reason Pro’s are Better Than Amateur Bowler’s | Kyle Troup | Join Our Staff And Learn More”

  1. 1:23 There is NO WAY anyone who averages over 200 can throw a shot literally straight up 25 when trying to strike. Either those were poor shots done on purpose for dramatic effect or this guy’s average was greatly exaggerated.

    1. @STEVE RUEBLING wow that’s actually really interesting. I would have hoped they would let you try again so you could try to repeat your natural shot. Thanks for the response.

    2. @EnigmaZero that was the set up throw one shot then repeat it. When I put pressure on myself to try to force a good shot instead of just letting my game play it usually results in a pull and that was exactly what happened. It was fun trying to repeat a bad shot tho and it really is harder to repeat a bad shot verse a good one.

    3. @STEVE RUEBLING yeah I understand the setup but that just seems so silly to me trying to repeat a bad shot. I think that over-exaggerated this example (which may have been their intention; who knows) to almost unbelievable proportions.

    4. @EnigmaZero I mean once I put myself in that position I just had fun with it and when your spending a morning in that kind of company (Kyle Dustin and Ron Jr and Sr) it’s impossible to not have fun with it. Also leading up to those two days I had really been struggling and they got my game back straight I couldn’t be more thankful and look forward to going down there again soon.

    5. @STEVE RUEBLING I feel like a before and after of your repetition data would have been far more useful than the repeating of a poor shot attempts. Interesting story, though. Glad to hear your game improved.

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