24 Comments on “One last ride for the PBA LEGEND #shorts #duke #bowling #pba”

    1. Honestly with his personality we get to see through YouTube I think it’s a close call between him and Earl Anthony for me

    2. @Will Burdick first of all, Walter Ray and Belmo are missing from that list, but I personally don’t include the “personality” part, because that’s not fair to bowlers that don’t get as much of a chance to show their personalities, especially from bowlers like Anthony.

    1. @Pigskin Advice Is there something about Norm I’m not aware of? I’ve never heard anyone talk bad about him.

      I bowled a pro-am with Pete 25ish years ago. He was a complete drunken A-hole. Bowled about 160 the game he was my partner and didn’t do much for anyone else either. Based off what I’ve seen of him on TV and heard from others I don’t think that was an isolated incident.

  1. I hung out with norm back when he was 16 till he went out on tour at 18 u knew then he was destined for greatness then he still couldn’t beat me playing pool back then got in his pocket a few times

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