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  1. Brad, u had a great run yesterday and I watched it. Great bowling and keep it up. Love the videos. Kyle, hope to see u bowl soon

  2. 6:19 jarrod landford, he’s an Aussie we call him the king of the north, good to see him over there playing the pba

  3. I feel for Kyle, I know that feeling too good. I broke my wrist (none throwing wrist) a year ago. I broke it at the very start of my league. Between the six to eight weeks of healing, and then another six weeks of rehab I didn’t pick up a bowling ball for four months!!! I still showed up to league to support my best friend and teammates, but it was rough. What worst is the fact that I’m two handed, so i need both hands lol.. keep your head up Kyle, and just try to stay patient.

    1. AMEN! I tore my flexor pronator muscle on maybe my 1st or 2nd throw of a night I was just out practicing with a friend and now I’m on the IR for at least a month. I go out when my team bowls league and while it’s still a great time, it’s also torture for me. I want to get out there and bowl again SOOO bad but I know I shouldn’t rush back too soon and wind up re-injuring myself. I’m just having more fun than I ever have since I finally was able to get a group of friends together with agreeable work schedules so we could bowl a league. Now, I’m completely “ALL IN”, so to speak, and it’s all I think about. When I’m not bowling, I’m THINKING about bowling, reading articles, and (obviously) watching every single bowling video ever put out on YouTube 🙂

    2. @mattvg1776 facts!!! That time when I couldn’t actually bowl, I spent more time reading articles and looking at videos. I completely retooled my arsenal, I worked on my foot work and focused on learning every type of oil pattern. The hardest part was when the match would be close, and I knew I couldn’t do nothing about it. I don’t think people realize just how into a thing until they can’t participate in said thing. I am glad that I’m not a one handed bowler, because I feel like I may have tried to come back and just use my right hand. Which would have probably slowed down my recovery

    3. @Brent Schmidt I do, in fact I just purchased a pink widow (I am a urethane person). Before I purchased it I watched every review video on it. When I got it drilled, I kind of knew where I should stand. It’s been only a week or so, so I’m still learning how to use it through practice.

  4. Thanks for posting this one I was wondering how such a finish would be dealt with by a Pro and I must admit I would have been a bit hard on myself. Good luck in the future both of you and hopefully I will see you in Wauwatosa soon.

  5. Kyle we all looking forward to seeing you on the lanes again. I hope you get back on the lanes soon. Brad you still bowled good and always love the vlogs.

  6. Man Brad, you are handling that 140 last game way better then I would have. I bowled on the eastern regional tour for 3 years. At that level it was all mental. Now even in league I”m still mental on much easier patterns then what I bowled back then. Watching the US open and now this week just brings back those memories of making cuts with negative numbers and losing in shoot out conditions. Good luck next week. Both of you are capable of winning if things go your way.

  7. Pick tour head up Brad, you still a champion. Come back next week. I know it sucks. Remember who you are….
    Welcome back Kyle…..

  8. Would love to see a training video of how you observe other bowlers (rev rate, ball type, etc) and what your thought process is when moving lanes in a tourney.

  9. It was still good to watch you bowl in person this week Brad! I’ve watch you and Kyles videos for a long time but it was nice to be there in person. I was pulling for you the whole way, and as a bowler myself, I’ve had similar situations come to pass! I don’t bowl to make a living, but when you just need your average to close the deal, it still sucks! Tear it up in Shawnee! We’ll all be watching!
    300??? +500???

  10. Bowling is an interesting game and it’s so easy to let little things get to you, but Brad, I admire you for your mental game (and it has improved overtime). I have been working on my mental game too, and I don’t get frustrated much anymore. I bowled in a tournament at a different bowling center today, and I have a newfound appreciation for what pros have to go through when going from one center to another. I stood 4-6 boards left than what I’m used to at my home center, and surprisingly I got comfortable over there while I was bowling well. I bowled my highest game to date (244) with 7 strikes in a row!! Thank you Brad and Kyle (and to coach Daniel Puerto) for all the advice you give in the private Facebook group. To anyone who hasn’t signed up yet, I recommend it.

  11. I’m really gonna try to get the membership this year. I’ve been watching you guys for a few years and am excited to see you both progressing! I’ve been dropping the ball into the slot on my backswing, not pushing. Went from 4-step to 5-step and that has kept my feet slower, which helps. Matching up EXTREMELY well with the UC3… messed up one game last week that I didn’t adjust soon enough (161). The other 5 games, I’m averaging 217+! Thanks guys. Keep up the great work!

  12. Watched the last game, and you threw it well, the ball just wouldn’t get up the hill. Cheering for you at Shawnee

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