7 Comments on “One Quick Bowling Tip to Help you Throw More Strikes”

  1. Thank you!
    I’m a newbie trying to get better, and teach my kids to love bowling! My daughter and I really appreciate the tips!

  2. I’m sorry to say but the tips are getting shorter and shorter in duration but also less and less informative…a real shame

    1. I’m going to credit this comment to Shannon, because I think she posted a video on the topic. You need to observe your ball. In other words, don’t just watch, but almost examine.
      What you’re looking for is how your ball is moving on the lane, then how it enters the pocket, and as per this video, how it goes through the pins.
      What I saw happen many years ago: I would roll strikes on my preferred line and then start leaving a 10 pin. Back then, it was mostly due to carry down, i.e., oil moving down the lane toward the pins. The ball wouldn’t finish quite enough to carry. My adjustment then was to move half a board right, rolling through the same target line.
      Today, conditions are somewhat different and patterns a VERY different. What you’re likely going to see is the ball not quite making it to the “sweet spot” in the pocket, a little light. A small adjustment to either your launch angle, speed, or release could get you back into the strike zone.

    2. A simplistic answer is to move a board right with your feet and keep your eyes on the same target. This will change your angle of entry slightly and hopefully help your ball devlect less, and that should drive the 6 properly into the 10.

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