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  1. I think it should taken effect the next tournament bc for the amateurs that don’t have access to the truck…or limited access…that takes them right out of the running.

    1. @Jon Hop It was the same in the old days too. Earl Anthony was backed by the husband (a lawyer) of an older woman I used to bowl with.

    2. @The Insane Shecklador travel all over the US has always been costly, but now equipment is more than travel.

    3. @Jon Hop The price of travel, adjusted for inflation, has probably remained the same or even gone down. Airplanes are cheaper now and some tournaments being consolidated to one location like the World Series of Bowling or all those tournaments held at Fire Rock in Oklahoma a few years back would also bring the cost down.

      You are correct that equipment has gone up. In the old days you likely had single ball bag that was only holding one ball which would last a few years with no finger inserts to replace, a pair of Linds shoes that would last a lifetime, some EZ slide, new skin, and tape. Now you need to drill dozens of balls a year to be competitive.

  2. Rules should not change till after any tournament. Keep the videos coming great content. 👍 👍👍👍👍

    1. @DASO MILITIA how do you let 414 bowlers watch the testing of 4000 balls. Come on use your head. It has to be done in effective way.

    2. @Harvey Wallbanger they are testing the balls either way, I don’t think it’s that difficult to allow the bowler to watch them as they test their bowling balls. I don’t think anyone is saying that every bowler should be standing in a room watching every single ball get tested at the same time lol

    3. @Browdie Williams That’s quite a difference. More than I would have guessed. Not just one or two points under but 5 or 7 depending if you use the minimum or the original sample. I can see why USBC would be pissed.

  3. I think what usbc did mid tournament is wrong! There are guys that aren’t able to get a ball like the tour players who are now there with one or two balls out of the 5-6 they brought.. that’s why usbc sucks because they think what they are doing is good for the sport when meanwhile it’s just making our sport less interesting and less fun!

    1. How about storm be held a little more accountable for producing illegal equipment. Everyone is shitting on USBC and not talking about storm breaking the rules.

    2. @Steven Myers funny because usbc approved it for it to be released, so
      Maybe if usbc is in the wrong on how they actually do the softness.. don’t put all the blame on storm when these balls have approved and released for months..

    3. @Robert Fusik III anyone’s equipment should be fair game to test. They did that and decided to pull the ball. Bowling is not immune to his. Golf has pulled equipment, baseball has as well.

      Keep your equipment in specs or suffer. This is about storm letting it’s bowlers down not about the USBC. They are enforcing a rule that is not a secret.

    4. @Steven Myers hahaha you think this all because of belmo? I don’t think you have read what I stated! Before every ball is put on the market USBC HAS TO APROVE IT!! Which they did months ago, now when balls have been traveling in cold conditions for days and haven’t been thrown and now being tested I think is wrong, because in reality of test a ball when in the cold the softness I’m a ball will change when hitting a hotter environment! Don’t blame belmo for standing up for what he thinks is right! If you have to test bowling balls it should never be a closed room.. how do you know what they are doing behind closed curtains is true!? Come
      On now!

  4. I think you should be able to test the hardness and if your ball passes, even if it’s on the banned list, it should be allowable. But also, they should wait for next tournament. Rules don’t change at halftime of a basketball game or a football game.

    1. You had me in the first half😂 rules didn’t change, any ball that does not meet usbc guidelines shouldn’t be played. That being said every ball mentioned should be tested on spot and if it meets all guidelines continue on as before and wait til after to bring the hammer down on storm, only people getting affected are ametuers

    2. @Browdie Williams I think they tried that approach earlier in the week with Belmo. He didn’t like it so USBC said, “fine… we just have to assume they’re all in violation”.

    3. @Paul Shoemaker all testing up to this point has been voluntary, belmo said no, they said okay and he went and bowled. The only part that he might get in trouble for is the posting of said altercation, which is against his contract.

    4. @Browdie Williams Not all testing. All Urethanes are still being tested each year. Yes, his situation was voluntary. But the fact that was Monday and on Tuesday they drop this news… Someone at the USBC wanted to check what was coming to the event. Belmo would have seen them focusing on one of them, like the Phase 4 and he would have spread the word. Instead, they go this route… with Storm’s blessing

  5. So odd. Did USBC know about this before the Masters, or all the sudden they found a massive amount of illegal Storm balls? Mid-tourney is a kick in the junk, there must have been a good reason that I am sure we will never hear about.

    1. from context it sounds like they just did a bunch of testing over the last 2 days of peoples gear at the tournament and a lot of storm balls were non-compliant.

    2. @Shady Carry only problem with that is the conditions these tests were taken in were likely different than the original conditions.

    1. I slowed down the playback speed near the end. It was so hillarious listening to Brad laughing in the background. I wonder what was in the package Brad was eating.

  6. So Barnes takes the lead at the Open in doubles and all events using a few of those balls, a few days ago and today he can give THOSE EXACT BALLS to you and you can’t use them in that same tournament. In what world does that make sense.

    1. @TraumaER Smith also told some bald yo mama Jokes years ago on Arsenio Hall show and that seemed to be ok then ?? Hollywood privilege.

  7. If you’ve already thrown the ball in the tournament they shouldn’t be able to pull them until after the week. The USBC continues to make a dumpster fire out of this.

    1. @Matt Estell the other shitty situation is and some people have already mention this. Changing the rules mid tournament will probably just cast a shadow over it, like this will probably end up been talked about more then the actual winner of the tournament or even scores of people who are bowling amazingly well.

    2. @Michael Brandt What rule was changed though? Did they alter a rule or are they making sure that equipment adheres to the rules that already exist? Previously approved or not, those balls still must comply with a set of rules. I agree that testing every ball individually is the better course of action, but I can also see banning them outright. The way Storm seems to be cooperating lends me to believe that they have the data to support the decision. It would be nice if they shared it with the public as well since we’re the target audience of not just the balls, but the shows and tournaments.

    3. @Matt Estell let me correct myself cause I see what I said wrong. If USBC suspected something wrong with the 6 balls in question they should of done the investigation before the start of the master’s not in the middle of it. Cause like I said this ban of 6 balls which they are just upholding the hardness rule is great but doing it mid tournament will just cast a shadow over it. This news is already been talked about more then what’s going on at the master’s itself.

    4. From what I’m reading it’s the same as the OG motiv jackal. It meets hardness. But by decimals. Not a full point so they are questionable

    1. more like banning certain models of golf balls. Banning certain clubs would be like banning certain tape, inserts, or wrist braces

  8. Regardless of outcome were all cheering for you guys and (I doubt I’m the only one) you have us constantly refreshing waiting and watching for that Brad and Kyle vlog to show up your already winners 🏆

  9. I like Storm a lot but to have six bowling balls ‘recalled’ like this is a huge disaster by the company.

  10. That Hyper Cell Fused that Darren is drilling is pretty sick! Found one at my local alley, pretty much for the F (free), just needed to plug up the thumb hole and change insert sizes. Of the 6 balls I currently have, the Hyper Cell Fused is my favorite so far.

  11. I’m just interested to know how well yall are gonna adjust to having to throw different balls. Could be for the better since 6 ideal balls are now not allowed and really test your limits some more

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