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22 Comments on “Pay attention to how your bowling balls are layed out | Take control of what you want”

  1. Pro shop at my local loves to just put holes in bowling balls and keep pins in that area. I’ve been driving an hour just to go somewhere that doesn’t happen .

  2. Thank you for this video!! I haven’t thrown the ball since 2008 and just got my first ball since yesterday from online. Going today to get it drilled. I can’t remember where my pin or how my layout was for drilling. All I remember was I had a hole on the lower end for more hook lol. Hopefully I can get it to where I had it previously or an even better layout.

    1. @Vigeta Samaaa If you have an old ball around and it’s still fits your hand, take it with you. Make sure you can roll a couple of frames to find your positive axis point. Also will want to revisit your span 12 years is long time and you might want to adjust your span for a better feel. Hope you see this before you get the ball drilled… Good Luck!!

  3. I’ve tried to have that kind of conversation with the only local PSO and he kinda just brushed it off. Once I showed him the suggested layout that were made by the brand he told me not to worry about it because I was new to bowling and that I was wrong for asking and that I should just trust him because he has the highest scoring average in the bowling alley and that he’s thrown more 300 games than I’ve been alive and so on. So this weekend I’ll be going to Haley’s pro shop in Burlington Washington to use their services can possibly get all my bowling balls fixed and find out exactly what it got going for me. I have the DV8 frequency with spare ball that I can’t use because he messed up the finger inserts and asked him to fix them, got told no that I have to break in the vacu grips. Witch it kinda hard when you can’t even get your fingers in one of the holes and the other one just slides on in like a overly sized house ball. I’ve also have the DV8 turmoil hybrid that a older gentleman did for me that turned out perfect. He didn’t ask any questions just measured me out better than the first guy did. Asked me what I’d like the ball to do and that was that. I would have brought the frequency to him as well but he retired before I got the ball in the mail. So I got stuck with the only local PSO that tells his costumers they are always wrong and they don’t know what they are talking about and does what he wants

  4. Eric Hartwell over at (trusted forum member) often posts comprehensive arsenal layouts, including the initial asymm/symm benchmarks, for those who provide him with complete bowler data. This can be very useful to drillers that do not have a deep working knowledge of the dual angle system, but know the basics of drawing a prescribed dual angle layout on a ball.

  5. I just had a ball drilled two weeks ago and I wanted a ball that could recover if I threw it too far out, 10 to the 3 board. So i bought the idol Pearl not a bad ball, however it is the same as all the other balls that i have…if i throw it correctly it works but if I’m off 1 to 5 ish boards it doesn’t snap/recover like I want.

  6. The pro shop I go to my p2 has the pin next to my middle finger I have a hard time using I bought a used hy road really loved the snap I get out of it so I bought all road and had him drill it n i told him I wanted the exact layout as my hy road got it back n it’s close but not exact

  7. 😂😂 I had the same problem at my pro shop that’s why I had to go to a different shop because I can just put holes in a bowl and call it a day lol

  8. I been though four shops before finding the right one and the one I go to helps a lot and makes sure it’s right before drilling. Took down my pap.

  9. Ive found that if I bring in a ball my PSO is unfamiliar with, I get a drilling like that. My PSO is run by Jack Jurek, I’ve bounced around to different shops and always go back. Perfect fit every time but you have to be the boss of your reaction.

  10. Excellent video!! My PSO was like that so I switched and now I found a PSO that knows my PAP, tilt, speed and rotation. Everyone PLEASE know, the PSO might be the pro with the high average, but we’re the customer with the all mighty dollar!

  11. Got a question, if I drill anything with the pin below my fingers it ALWAYS rolls over my thumb. Why is that and can you suggest anything to combat that because sometimes it would be good to have something in my bag with the pin below. Thanks.

  12. I spend a minimum of 30 minutes with a client on lane before we even think about grabbing a drill bit. We get PAP, tilt, speed, etc. We sit and talk about current arsenal and what they like/dislike about it. We talk about their wants and expectations of their new ball, and we decide on a layout together. Then we spend another 30-45 minutes on lane with the new ball. The most gratifying thing about this little hobby of mine is seeing them throw their new ball for the first time, and it reacts exactly as they were expecting it to. The looks on their faces makes all the extra time worthwhile, and means I will have another repeat customer down the road. BTW JR, I have shared quite a few of your videos with my high school bowlers this season. It helps that they can hear the things that I try to teach come from another source. I have even learned a few things that I try to incorporate into my game. Keep it up!!!

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