20 Comments on “PBA 50 Tour is Back! Watch the Legends of Bowling.”

  1. Awesome stories and its fantastic to see the greatest of all time mix it up. How come you didn’t show any videos of two handers? πŸ˜‚

  2. Thanks for the video Mike. I realize I really miss watching these guys and hanging out around them. It’s been awhile. Have a great summer traveling and doing the commentary.

  3. Parker Bohn III will forever be Mr. Consistent and Smooth and Amleto’s power and speed still looks just as good as it ever did. I always love watching them throw. I thought that Mike Aulby bowled on the PBA50 Tour. He’s another one of my favorites.

  4. I miss seeing WRWJ on a consistent basis now that he is on the PBA50+ tour exclusively. Mike as always great job. Mike after watching you for so long and listening to a lot of your conversations about streaming services, based solely on your request, when I get back from my senior league today I’m going to sub for one year on BowlTV. As always, Mike, you are the man.

  5. What a great tour. @3:40 I almost expected a “Who do you think you are, I am”. Lol! Good luck PW!!

  6. It’s crazy to see all these legends I watched as a kid being on a 50 and older tour. That means I’m not far away from 50 yikes

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