PBA BAN OLD URETHANE? | What That Means For You and The Time Limit For Bowling Balls In Competition

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51 Comments on “PBA BAN OLD URETHANE? | What That Means For You and The Time Limit For Bowling Balls In Competition”

  1. What is the specific rational reason? A ball one month out of the date range is no good, but what distinguishes it besides age. And does the age keep rolling forward?

    1. @fuas710 If this is a rolling two years, then this effectively would mean that ball companies could have a permanent urethane line, to keep those balls current and on shelves. Talk about permanent cash cow.

    2. @athlonen cash cow? no this is just enforcing the rules that are already in place, they found that most urethane older than 2 years is too soft and this only effects NATIONAL TOUR events. nobody on the national tour is using old equipment, the pros who this will effect already are drilling multiple balls every week, i dont understand peoples complaints when it doesn’t effect them

    3. @fuas710 note how the 72D rule goes into effect this August, ruling out the older Urethane balls, while those newer come in. That shows how the Hopkinsville Hammers got remade in Reynosa. The Purple Pearl and Black Widow Purple Pearl Urethanes from Hopkinsville got remade in Reynosa, and that Reynosa Widow Purple Pearl Urethane is what the Pink Pearl Urethane came from. Note that those are 73D balls as well.

      If the USBC starts to adopt this rule, that would mean that those balls would continually be made and released, keeping a permanent urethane line open for each company that sells them. They’d have to come up with balls to stay in that 2-year rolling window. Hence, cash cow.

    4. @fuas710 yet I must be the only engineer looking at this and laughing. You can manipulate the hardness of any material on earth through time acceleration from temperature changes or fatigue loading. How does urethane or any material react in hot conditions? How about soaking balls in a certain chemical? How about dehydrating a new ball completely?

    5. @TraumaER i mean they released the data, there is a reason its just urethane thats on a 2 year ban and not reactive

    1. Put that ball in a case or throw it out in the yard. I gave all my old balls to my parents so their yard looks like Christmas tree on steroids.

    2. @TraumaER I have my blue faball and the blue pearl faball and going to see if I can collect the rest.

    3. @travis kirk haha I still have Quantum Helix and Double Helix sealed in boxes. I used the Helix several years ago. Never drilled the Double Helix. I might put them in a safe LOL!

    4. @TraumaER I maybe only 22 but I listened to my dad talk about the helix and how much he loved the navy blue proactive. I have a single drill aqua marine quantum in 15lbs that I got for free from a proshop owner

    1. because old urethane falls below equipment standards, the big issue is that urethane inevitably softens creating more contact between the lane and the ball giving an unfair advantage. so 2 divisions wouldnt make sense they would still have to change the rules to allow for a lower durometer cover on the older urethane

    2. @fuas710 yea I would be fine if they put a complete ban cause I like how reactive rolls with surface adjustments.

  2. First they want to ban plugged balls, which hurts anyone who isn’t a staffer trying to make it on tour, now you have to buy new urethane balls every 2 years, these rule changes along with staffers being able to bring along their ball reps to help them makes it seem a bit elitist. I have no issues affording balls because I do this for fun but I’m concerned about other guys who are really trying to make it on tour.

    Normal tour guys have no ball reps, they have to fork out $200+ per ball and have to replace their urethane balls every 2 years. I think this is going to hurt the sport long term, prize funds at regionals already aren’t worth the effort and now it is even more expensive to compete.

    I’m aware this doesn’t effect regionals but the plugged ball rule does, the urethane rule will still hurt non-staffer players who want to compete in a national event.

    1. @Grant I’m aware this doesn’t effect regionals. Plugged ball rule does though. It doesn’t change my point, there are still new tour guys who play national events too, it’s not all staffers.

    2. @Murat Ozdemir being a professional in any other sport is not cheap bowling shouldn’t be any different. Up and comers belong honing their skills on the regional tour and proving their ability. When they prove their ability at the regional level a ball contract will find it’s way to them.

    3. If you’re bowling PBA tournaments and traveling around, the cost of new rocks isn’t the issue. Integrity of the sport is more important. It isn’t realistic to test every ball because to be accurate the temperature needs to be right etc. 100 players x 20 balls x 3 minutes each is 100 hours per tournament. And you have to test every time if that’s the rule, because a guy that is cheating will be able to grind new serial numbers in if that’s his game

    4. Urethane rule won’t hurt the pba. It’ll make bowlers have to adjust to hard patterns but thats about it.

  3. Lol way to shut out the lefties. But serious question what if it is a brand new un drilled urethane that is from two years ago. I know a lot of guys who have like 4 or5 og purple hammers still undrilled..

    1. @Isaiah Spigner Well if the balls are older than 2 years and un-drilled, they should start thinking eBay.

    1. Maybe the men using urethane could “identify” as women and join the WPBA tour instead. Apparently the women’s PBA are made of stuff.🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  4. So my Faball Black Hammer won’t be allowed anymore? I guess I better start working on my dictionary sales again.

    1. Just be safe and buy 6-8 new balls before every bowling tournament going forward LOL! Just saw my Pitch Black is 2016 SN so it’s considered the worst thing in bowling history.

  5. I will never bowl a PBA event but this is stupid. No plugs , no adjustable wrist support,. Now this. Always been told good bowlers can adjust to any lane change.

    1. PBA banned plug years ago and lifted the ban for a period of time with the no weight hole rule change.

      The comment “good bowlers can adjust” is exactly why the lockable wrist braces were banned.

  6. Doesn’t every ball get checked for hardness/durometer, anyway? And if so, what’s the point, if it passes it should be good to go, and if not its out. You could have a reactive ball that fails as well, you won’t know w/o a durometer. should a soft reactive be out as well?

    1. If I won the lottery, I’d legit start my own bowling organization. There needs to be an alternative. Just like AEW to WWE. Just like USFL to NFL. I’d have larger entrees, bigger payouts, more lights, more action, more entertainment.

  7. The way I see it, the truth lies squarely in the middle. The softer balls may have been giving some players necessary hits that won prize money, other players, most notoriously Sean Rash, are sticklers for the integrity of the game.

    Some pros also believe that certain colors on the cover stocks hook more or less. Purple is supposed to be a color that produces a lot of hook. Therefore the purple colored Pearl Urethane Hammer is more of a target than, say the Black Hammer or Storm’s Pitch Black. To be unilaterally fair the PBA seems to have taken all older urethane balls out of play. For the players who think a softer purple is too much of an advantage, it’s collateral damage.

    Pros who spare with old urethane balls will now need to figure something out. Newer urethane may not stay on line with a corner pin. Back to plastic this week?

    1. sean rash isn’t a stickler for the game. he’s just little b….tch… when it comes to the bowling balls there shouldn’t be these arbitrary rules that are only hurting those that are trying to bowl competitvely.. now there’s going to be less and less people interested in bowling competitvely.

    2. @Peter the Great you were never in danger of bowling in a pba event anyway, so don’t worry about it.

  8. Technically, the balls can be used for up to 2 years, 364 days. A ball made Jan 1 2020 would be good until Dec 31, 2022.

  9. I have an old Pitch Black that still looks new. However, I guess I can’t bowl in the PBA. Between wrist supports, not being allowed to clean your balls during competition, and now random years on urethanes not being allowed, and even plugged balls… the PBA is getting an A+….

    …for trying to destroy bowling.

    1. That would be a great way to discourage young bowlers. Both the players in the Junior Championship that aired 2 days ago were 2 handed for men. These selfish people would rather ruin the sport than do better

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