20 Comments on “PBA Bowlers Throw Strikes For Charity 2022 SABC Mixed Doubles”

  1. Literally just inspired me to try to get a tournament like this going with my local house and association.

    Really awesome to see all the enthusiasm from all of the bowlers for this. You guys rock!

  2. I had a great time bowling the Pro-am and getting to meet Brad and Kyle. Two great guys, they were very fan friendly.

  3. Thank you and Brad for always coming down to Houston and supporting a good cause and seeing all your fans!! We greatly appreciate it and hopefully see u every year! Unlike some people who went down under haha thank you again

  4. It is so cool to see these professional bowlers as real people!! LOL I from the “old” school I just watch them on TV. And that was it.

  5. Best ambassadors for the game ever. You guys rock. I watched EJ on Saturday, what a bowler even better in real life. Thank you guys for keeping it real.

  6. Smalls the goat! He’s bowled with my dad over the years he’s always such a down to earth guy! Love seeing him on tour!

  7. Lost a wife to breast cancer in 2000, used to bowl at del mar in houston and have bowled a couple of the lucis. An unbelievable thing that you guys are doing and it is appreciated so much. Hats off to donna and carol

  8. Thanks Brad and Kyle and all the pros at this tournament. It’s extra special for me this year since it’s my hometown and my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in January. And I just found out my friend Jerome aka Yo-J has been emceeing the pro am (he’s the guy next to Dino at the end).

  9. Kyle and Brad thanks so much for what you guys are doing out there. You guys behind the scenes has been a lot of fun.I signed on to you guys in the beginning. I’m very greatful for all of this.Im old school but yet I’ve learned a few things from you guys.And seeing Norm with you guys actually got me a little emotional. Maybe one day when your in South Florida we will come meet you guys.

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