PBA Gene Carter Classic | The Lanes Were Tough!

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The PBA Gene Carter Pro Shop Classic day 1 is underway. We both made the cut with some extended play tomorrow! The conditions are tough which makes for a true grind!

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23 Comments on “PBA Gene Carter Classic | The Lanes Were Tough!”

  1. @Brad & Kyle how do you feel about the halo vision. Was thinking about getting the vision or the pearl. Like in relation which is more aggressive and more forgiving.

  2. Brad great job emphasizing the mental game. See bowlers with more ability than me that cannot put it all together and it all stems from their mental game.

    1. when there’s a pool of oil in the middle but anywhere outside is dry as hell and hooks loads. so it’s easy to mess up. miss left and you get a light hit, miss right and you go through the nose

  3. Great Bowling Brad! Has been fun watching you mature as a Bowler the last year! First title soon! Stay positive!!

  4. I love Kyle I really do, however, can we just talk about how Brad’s progression and development over these past few events have just been amazing to watch. I just want to acknowledge his improvements over these past few tournaments and how his mentality has just boosted and his confidence and shot-making is tremendous.

    Love you both and keep up the great work <3

    1. Lexus Xena say it almost every video. It’s amazing seeing him evolve mentally. It shows so much growth and progression.

    2. @Ryan Sidney Honestly I feel like the Youtube channel probably help him out more with seeing himself and rewatching himself. To see what he did great and not so great

  5. Congratulations on the weekend Brad. I am happy you did well. I had a blast talking music with you on friday during the pro am

  6. Brad: How would you recommend I learn how to loft consistently? Loved how that opened up your angle to the pocket.

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