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36 Comments on “PBA Hall of Fame Classic | Bowler shoots 300 in Championship Game!!!”

  1. Tommy put an exclamation point on his induction! WOW! Darren had a GREAT week and it’s not often you lose with a 250 but when someone tosses 12 in a row at you there’s not much you can do except hang on and watch. I feel bad for him but he will get his just like Brand and Kyle will get theirs!
    Great work on the editing of this video–it flowed very nicely and great use of the added production value the T.V. show provided. Your videos are getting better and better! On to the next!

    1. @Trevor Phillips I didn’t see the actual ending sore. Just took a guess as to how he finished. Still not bad.

  2. great day for all of us bowlers and fans. I broke out with joyous laughter every time Darren drank from the travel mug.

  3. Guys, thank you for your coverage this week. I know it’s a lot of work plus bowling the tourney. I really appreciate this.

  4. Tommy’s 20th title in his 20th year as a pro with a perfect 300 in the beginning of the 2020 season ABSOLUTELY insane what a great bowler what a great televised match I watched it live last night on fs1 it just makes bowling a great sport

    1. Not to mention it was the Hall of Fame Classic, the DAY after he himself was inducted into the Hall of Fame. You can’t WRITE a better story than that.

    2. Tommy is epic. He did and maybe still does have the best TV win % all-time.

      Cool irony in the numbers though. Kinda like how I shot 1,700 total pics over 9 gms at USBC Nationals in Vegas at Southpoint in 2017… XD Only one in Standard division to shoot 1,700 even in 2017. I finished 193rd in All-events. It was epic.

    1. @Dana Danarosana Barnes threw a 300 in 2012 on TV. Jones has thrown three 300s in the Weber Cup whole Barnes has thrown one.

  5. The hug from Chris to Tommy gave me chills and right after Tommy threw the last ball for the 300, the Barnes and Jones families exchanged hugs! What a heartwarming moment!

  6. So how often do the lanes break down on show? I used to work at a bowling alley as the head mechanic when I left, that was my title but I worked there for 6 years as a mechanic. I always wondered how often, because we had a lot of problems with our lanes. Until I took over as the head mechanic and it got better, less break downs, but I was curious, does the PBA have their own mechanics that travel with them that are the experts and fix the lanes for the center or do the actual center mechanics have to fix it. What if they run into a problem do the pba help out? How about oiling the lanes, does the PBA bring their OWN machines and oil all the lanes them selves?? I’m curious. If they have traveling mechanics I wish I could do that, that seems awesome

  7. you’re telling me he couldn’t do it on the one take but he can do it on national tv in a championship match. What a legend

  8. Shout out to Vitamin_D threw a hell of a game for the championship… Just couldn’t write a better script for TJ… This is going to make next round of the PBA’s greatest moments countdown

  9. This was the first time I had ever watched a PBA show live on TV. I was rooting for Darren, but watching Jones throw that 300 was really something else

  10. I like how the veteran, HOF, perfect gamer champ Tommy Jones acknowledge Darren before going for the trophy or any other bowler friends.
    Truly a class of it own !

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